Christie Nominates Paula Dow For Attorney General

Prosecutor Dow.jpgGov.-elect Christopher Christie has picked Essex County prosecutor Paula Dow as his Attorney General. From Politicker NJ

Dow, 54, was a career federal prosecutor before taking the county post in 2003. If nominated and confirmed, Dow would succeed Anne Milgram, who was planning to leave regardless of the results of last month’s gubernatorial election.
A Montclair Maplewood resident, Dow worked for the U.S. Attorney-Southern District of New York from 1987 to 1994, and for the U.S. Attorney in New Jersey from 1994 to 2003. She served as Counsel to the U.S. Attorney and in the Special Prosecutions and Criminal Division. She was a corporate attorney for Exxon from 1980 to 1987. She is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Under Dow’s term in office as Prosecutor, several changes were made to better law enforcement. Last year, the conviction rate climbed to 77 percent. This marked the highest conviction rate for Essex County since 2000.
Dow initiated new ways to address gang violence by creating a gang and drug interdiction/intelligence unit, specifically designed to dismantle street gangs and drug organization. In the last two years, approximately 300 gang members were arrested in Essex County. She also opened a state-of-the-art Crime Scene Unit which has changed the way criminal investigations are conducted throughout the county. In addition, she opened a new homicide unit equipped with state-of-the-art interview rooms that are wired for the audio and video recording of statements.

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  1. O.K! This qualifies as timely, vital, local news. Good job, Baristanet.
    Now. This creates a vacancy for Essex County Prosecutor, does it not? Who are the likely candidates? What are their qualifications? How will they be vetted, and who ultimately makes the selection?

  2. I wish Ms. Dow nothing but well in her new position. The perpetually aggrieved who generally style themselves “progressive,” however, will probably leap and scream about this one. And the more leaping and screaming, the better the appointment by Christie.
    What in retrospect “distinguishes” the outgoing Corzine administration was of course the sheer banality of most of his appointments,a pained progression he is only hoping to extend with his plan to offer well-salaried appointments and judgeships to so many of the hapless non-entities who served him loyally for the last 4 years.
    Compared to them, Ms. Dow is the second coming of Oliver Wendell Holmes.
    And I also have a feeling that within two years Corzine won’t even be resident in this state, since really, what can he offer it and it him any longer?

  3. Star Ledger says she lives in Maplewood.
    “Dow, 54, was raised in the Philadelphia suburb of Yeadon, Pa. Her father was a postal worker and her mother was a counselor and gym teacher. She lives in Maplewood.”

  4. It’s good to see that the Baristas and their crack editorial staff were (as per usual) on top of this one!
    So will the headline now be appropriately altered?

  5. Excellent. I am so pleased and very impressed by the good news of Ms. Dow’s appointment and wish her and all of us good luck and good health in moving forward.

  6. “can’t blame the politicker for not fact checking.”
    I suppose if their “schtick” was to cover Montclair area stories one might.
    But I welcome Liz’s now added reporting. Much more interesting and relevant than the original cut and paste job.

  7. I walked past her when I was on jury dury early this year. She greeted me with a hello and a smile. She is a gracious lady and I wish her the best.

  8. “I walked past her when I was on jury dury early this year. She greeted me with a hello and a smile. ”
    not something she should do if you are wearing a Juror badge, actually.

  9. That could be enough to skupper the whole thing. Do you have video proof, cammyspot? If so, perhaps we could start Smilegate.

  10. Wait a minute. I thought that Republican fat cats were only supposed to appoint other Republican fat cats into key roles. I’m confused.
    But on the plus side, the Dems can paint Christy as being soft on crime now that he has appointed a Democratic AG.

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