Commuter Woes Resume in Evening; Delays on NJT, DeCamp

What began as a nightmare commute in the morning, has resumed as commuters on both NJT trains and DeCamp buses faced delays. On Clever Commute, passengers talked of half-hour delays due to a disabled train. Those on the 33 and 66 buses meanwhile, were sending messages such as these below.

[Decamp-33-66] 555pm 33 is nowhere in sight… How is the traffic today?

[Decamp-33-66] At 5.15 westbound rt 3 backed up from 17 5:13

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  1. I have a good idea for what to do with Gitmo when the prisoners are moved out. Let’s make it a holding area for NJ Transit executives.

  2. I’d like to add whoever is responsible for the Parkway as well. A 30 minute commute that now averages an hour and a half almost makes me envious of the NY commuters.

  3. This is the metro area, we’re not in the sticks. Leave early, cue up and sing yourself a Holiday song!…..Merry Christmas!

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