MHS Seeks New Football Coach as Lebida’s Exit Looms

Monday, Dec 28, 2009 9:00am

Montclair High School is on the lookout for a new Head Football Coach as the retirement of Ed Lebida, current head coach and assistant principal of many years, approaches in January. The input of community and staff members will be sought in the final decision, expected to be made by early March, the BoE said on its website. The new head coach will commence at the job in the summer of 2010.
The district isn’t seeking to replace the positions of assistant principal and head coach position with just one staff member, and Lebida’s duties as assistant principal were reassigned to existing staff for the rest of the ongoing school year. Details on the administrative changes at MHS are found here.
The posting for the coaching job specifies that candidates should possess “thorough knowledge of the game, a sophisticated understanding of coaching strategies, a successful background in coaching football, and a demonstrated ability to enhance player development.”

Lebida began teaching at Montclair public schools in 1970, demonstrating his talent as a first-rate math teacher, and as a policy-shaper in his role as assistant principal at MHS. He has spearheaded the district’s most progressive student programs, including a new credit-sharing program with Essex County Community College aimed at helping struggling students to graduate high school on time.
His prowess as an extraordinary head coach for the Mounties is legend. He has led them to repeated victories and taken Montclair to the state championship numerous times.
If you’ve got what it takes to walk in Lebida’s shoes as head coach, apply for job by ringing the HR department at 973.509.4005. For details on the staff/community/alumni search panel, ring the superintendent’s office at 973.509.4010.

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