Mt. Hebron Greenhouse Project to be on Classroom Close-up NJ

mt.hebron greenhouse.jpgMt. Hebron Middle School students and their Greenhouse Director Nino P. La Stella, will be featured on NJEA’s Emmy-winning Classroom Close-up NJ, a magazine program which focuses on innovative projects in NJ public schools, on Dec. 28 and Jan. 2.
La Stella is a winner of the 2009 HIPP Grant, an NJEA initiative which helps school staff bring creative ideas to life. He designed the “We are What We Grow and Eat” program at the school in the spring, a culmination of eighth-graders’ investigation into sustainable agriculture, organic gardening and its relationship to good nutrition.

Mt.Hebron-1.jpgMt Hebron is a science and technology magnet with a freestanding greenhouse that begins its fourth year of operations, with a curriculum based on the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards for science.
Classroom Close-up NJ, produced together with NJN Public TV, won a 2009 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award for the story, “Men of Distinction.” The shows featuring Mt. Hebron school will be aired on Monday, Dec. 28 at 7pm, and on Jan. 2 at 9am, and recorded video podcasts can be viewed here.

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