Sitting on Santa’s Lap (Pet Edition)

You can get your kid’s picture taken with Santa at shopping centers everywhere, but what about the canine and feline members of your family? The Homeless Animal Adoption League of Bloomfield is hosting its annual “Picture Your Pet with Santa” fundraiser this weekend. The fun continues today (Sunday, Dec. 13) from noon to 4 pm. Photos cost $10 and are available within minutes.
Yesterday, a couple brought in two cats, one an adoptee from HAAL, for a group portrait with Santa. Behind the photographer, a shelter volunteer waved a toy to get them to look up at the camera. Another cat, Tangy (pictured), came dressed for the occasion. The cats all seemed surprisingly calm about meeting the big man in red.

Meanwhile, a couple of families walked among the cages, looking for a cat to adopt. “You really want to get adopted, don’t you?” said one little boy to a caged cat. There were many friendly cats, some sticking their paws through the bars hopefully. All looked well cared for. Pictured is Sparrow.
Sparrow resized.jpgJoann Lo Grecco of HAAL had some great advice for those considering giving a pet as a Christmas present. She said that the person receiving the pet should be the one to pick it out. She suggested wrapping up a litter box with toys and dishes in it and putting that under the tree. Most shelters have a simple application procedure to make sure the animal is going to a good home. If a parent is considering getting a cat or kitten for a child, the parent can stop by HAAL to be pre-approved for adoption, but the shelter staff would also like to meet the child. One way to get a child approved by shelter staff, but still keep the Christmas surprise, is to bring the child in under the auspices of donating to the shelter. One family did this recently, Lo Grecco said; the staff was able to observe that the child was gentle, and the present remained a surprise.
The Homeless Animal Adoption League is located at 56 Dodd Street, Bloomfield. 973.429.3002

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  1. HAAL is a great group that deserves your support….Please consider bringing your pet for a photo today…The photos make great Christmas cards.

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