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Everyday is New Year’s for Dogs

Each day seems to begin anew for our beloved animal friends, without the structure of a human calendar of events. I imagine that the only thing they notice about holidays -- as opposed to...

Montclair’s 4th Ward “Moves” Into 2011

Councilor Renee Baskerville, M.D. invites the public to start the year with fun and fittness at Wally Choice Community Center-Glenfield Park on New Year's Day.

2010 Year End Slideshow

https://www.flickr.com/photos/41641104@N08/sets/72157625585131685/show/ Here's a collection of families and kids enjoying events and happenings in Baristaville during 2010. Egg hunts, Presby Iris Gardens Party, National Night Out, St. Baldricks's fundraiser, Cookies and Caroling.....We were there. Happy New Year!

Times Square New Year’s Eve, Streaming Live to Baristaville

Link through us to the Big Apple's revelry, live on whatever web screen you're watching.

Bloomfield’s Little-Known Parking Ticket

Just when you thought you were legitimately parked ...

How Are You Ringing in The New Year?

Celebrating solo or with your kids? Take our poll.

Ski Weekend

So now that my son likes cold, snowy whether, the question is will he like skiing? As you read this I am heading north on the New York State Throughway to a little ski...

It’s New Year’s Eve and Resolutions Abound

Are they inspiring, burdensome or a crock of hype? Do we need a new holiday, “National Resolution Reminder Day” in July? Take our poll.

Baby Bouncer For Sale

A Glen Ridge mom's baby outgrew his very stylish and hip Bloom Baby Coco Stylewood Baby bouncer and she is selling it: I'm selling this very chic bouncer for $125 including a cool carrying case. It's...

First Night, Baristaville

Get out and celebrate New Year's Eve hyper-local style in Montclair and South Orange.

Montclair Rhythm Duo, “Ta Ka Di Mi Project” at Symphony Space, 1/7

Grammy-winning master drummer, Glen Velez and his wife, vocal pioneer Lori Cotler, will perform their unique style of world music.

Ask Holly: Preserving 2010 Memories

Start a new tradition this year, preserve your child's memories year after year on Shrinky Dinks. Yes, they still make them! I take out my daughters creations year after year.  We look at her...

Maplewood’s Snow Mermaid

Anyone else spot a special snow sculpture?

The Way You Parent Determines How Your Teen Will Party

According to a new study that was published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, the way we parent our teens can make the difference between smart, social drinking or passed-out throwing up...

Clever Commute