BoE Forum on How State Funding Policies Affect Montclair

The Board of Education will hold a forum on Jan. 28 for residents, parents and school staff keen to find out how state funding policies will affect Montclair this year and beyond. The free presentation and discussion will touch on topics including how school funding is allocated and the impact of such funding on programs for kids.
Also discussed will be the school budget process, how town ratables affect school funding, how school funding impacts local taxes and how residents can act to impact the process.
The presenters’ panel will include John Carlton, the BoE president, and other education and legal experts.
Residents will have a chance to ask what Montclair can do as a town to impact funding, how locals can influence Trenton and what some of the funding opportunities out of Washington are.
What: Forum on Understanding State Funding & its Implications for Montclair Public Schools
When: Thursday, Jan. 28, 7:00 pm
Where: George Inness Annex Atrium, 141 Park St (free parking behind the building on N. Fullerton Ave)
Cost: No charge

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