Missing Pets

This came in yesterday from a volunteer named Cheryl G. at the Homeless Animal Adoption League (HAAL) in Bloomfield:

Today I received two calls at the shelter regarding missing pets. The first was about a buff, longhaired, neutered male tabby cat found on Harrison Road in Montclair.
The second was about a lost male grey poodle wearing a red vest who disappeared today in West Orange. This dog is elderly and suffers from dementia. We have his owner’s phone number in our office.

If anyone has lost a cat or found a dog fitting these descriptions, please contact the shelter at 973-429-3002 or leave me a voice mail at 973.713.2812.

If these are your pets, or you have any other pet news, e-mail pets@baristanet.com. As soon as I get photos of these pets, I will post them.

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  1. If you can provide any more info on exactly where, in West Orange, the dog got lost I can send out an email blast to a number of people that live there. Thanks.
    I’m always up for learning something new, so…anyone have any idea how a dog gets diagnosed as suffering with dementia? Especially since most of the symptoms deal with memory lapses and difficulty in the performance of daily activities.

  2. Mackelvis: If you Google “dementia in dogs,” there’s a host of veterinary sites that explain it way better than I ever could. Basically, it’s all about changes in behavior: lack of interest in their surroundings, not recognizing familiar people, not responding to familiar commands, etc.

  3. Thanks Mrs. Marta123
    I did look at a few sites, and to be honest the behaviors that are described in these sites are very similar to my dog’s normal day-to-day antics. I’m pretty sure I’d have to diagnosis it as ‘poor human behavior’ syndrome though.

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