Former South Orange Rec Chief Turns Himself In

rock the house poster.jpgThe former recreation director of the township of South Orange turned himself into police yesterday and was charged with stealing more than $1,113 of town funds, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office reports. Andrew Brady, 60, had worked for the town for 43 years.
According to the prosecutor, Brady was supposed to turn over half the proceeds from a series of “Rock the House” concerts to the town, but instead pocketed the cash. At left, a poster from one of the concerts, held Oct. 23.

Andrew Brady, former Director of South Orange Parks and Recreation, age 60, of South Orange, was charged with theft by purposely obtaining or retaining (cash-$1,113.) subject to a known legal obligation and fail to make the required disposition, he instead dealt with the property as if it were his own; specifically defendant Brady, as the former Director of the South Orange Parks and Recreation Department held five concerts at the Baird Community Center and had an agreement that the Community Center would receive half of the total door receipts which he never disposed into the Township accounts. This is a third degree offense with the possibility of 3 to 5 years prison term.
The concerts were held by a local collective known as Rock the House which promotes local musicians and bands. The theft occurred over a course of time when the concerts were held: March 20th, April 24th, June 13th, October 23rd and December 24, 2009.

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  1. This is odd.
    I didn’t realize being “charged with stealing more than $1,113 of town funds” was a crime in New Jersey.
    Wasn’t that “toll money”?
    Really. What kind of public employee ONLY steals $1,113?

  2. Really. What kind of public employee ONLY steals $1,113?
    Well, that’s all he was caught “allegedly” stealing.
    It’s weird that he retired last month – almost as though he was trying to shield his pension from a felony conviction.
    But I’m sure that’s not the case.

  3. Wrong is wrong but I agree, that is chump change compared with others have stolen from the community coffers.

  4. I would bet my house that it wasn’t the first time he stole money from the town, just the first time he got caught. Can you imagine what it would be like if all our tax money went into what it is supposed to instead of someone’s pocket? My property taxes might be $2,300 instead of $11,000!

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