Montclair Radiology Warehouse in Fairfield Fire

Montclair radiology fairfield.jpgThis is the way Montclair Radiology’s records warehouse in the Pio Costa center in Fairfield looked yesterday, three days after the blaze that started at Collectors Paradise. Fortunately, Montclair Radiology says, all its written reports have been digitally backed up and stored offsite for 10 years and medical files recorded digitally, such as MRI’s and ultrasounds, have been backed up on computer for four years. However, actual films that were stored in the warehouse, and destroyed in the fire, would have been the only copies.

Here’s what Montclair Radiology told us:

While most of our modalities are digital, the traditional x-rays were not. However, many traditional x-ray studies are for acute conditions that often do not require comparison follow up so we don’t anticipate unfavorable situations for most patients who have had x-rays in the past that were stored at this facility. Patients who have concerns should call our offices for additional information.

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