Evidence Of Spring: Exhibit A

intimations of spring.jpgAhh Spring! Rejoice! It’s finally here! Sure, precipitous piles of snow straddle every curbside in Montclair. And yes, flakes were flying by my window yesterday morning. Yet, this crocus snowdrop tells us otherwise. There’s other evidence, too. Maybe you’ve noticed the the racks of seeds at shopping markets? The diminishing supply of fire logs? Spring is gaining quickly on our merciless winter foe. And while I was prepared to indefinitely ignore winter’s continued assault, in hopes that it would be kind and just go away, I now have proof that spring, despite what the calendar may say, is here.
– Written by Melody Kettle

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  1. Photo credit?
    Oh, I get it. This crocus is the one in the pix.
    I thought it was just a beautifully written piece.
    (And if not a cell, how about a better quality pix?….. the prof is already missing Fran…..)

  2. BTW, that’s a snowdrop, not a crocus. Not a beautiful as crocus, but always the first in early spring, and always so welcome!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ooops, looks like monongahela (as in the river, as in the old Monongahela Monster in Kennywood???) beat me to it. Snowdrops are true harbingers of spring, yes indeedy. As are witch hazels. And Red-winged blackbirds.

  4. So the red winged blackbirds are already flashing their colors? I’ll have to keep an eye out for them. Lots of birds getting back into action though. The robins are more visible again, mallards are sporting their bright green, and I hear so many more sounding off in the morning.

  5. First sign of spring in my house: the birds are back making a racket as they build a nest in the our bedroom air-conditioner unit.

  6. Sorry tudlow,
    Sadly, for you I guess from your post, the aesthetic of a quality photo is all but lost in this cell phone picture taking age.
    But for me, considering Fran’s usual, beautiful Sunday morning photo musings, I had to comment on the quality.
    So if cell phone photo (or equivalent) quality is fine by you, great.
    It is not for me.

  7. Debbie, I’ve had the same noise for a couple of weeks. All that rustling around and chirping makes my two indoor cats crazy! I love it though.

  8. I wish somebody would tell the snow that’s still covering my back yard that it’s time to get out of town.

  9. Yes! I just took photos of my shoots, too. Oh shoot! It’s almost spring! I love that. Of course, there’s still a big lump of fugly snow in the yard, fugly because it’s starting to get dirty and pourous-looking.

  10. The season of spring is a forerunner of joy. Spring is a beautiful period when the wintry sun begins to turn warm and the days get longer, not to mention the flowers blooming in full splendor. Spring is the most lovely season and I presume that even Irene Folstrom and or the majority will agree with me with that. Likewise, the nature around is bedazzled with the colours and fragrance. Though the spring season stays for a very short span of time, it brings newness to the surroundings. The entire atmosphere becomes bouncy.

  11. In a healthy world, shoots would not be appearing in these parts for another three weeks. As recently as the Little Ice Age, they would no have appeared until mid May. Soon they will appear in January, and then the cycle of nature will go haywire, leading to death and emptiness of a scale that no amount of television can palliate.
    When you walk by those crocuses this spring poking up through the snow, the proper emotion is not joy of a new season and rebirth, but rather despair. You should feel a cold shudder pass down your spine, because you are seeing the ghost of your near future: sweltering year-round heat, rising seas, the death of flowers, and the victory of weeds and vermin. Do not make the mistake of interpreting signs of spring as a reason to feel good. For the sake of the planet, resist that urge with all your being.

  12. In recent years it does seem like things have gotten a little out of whack, with winter and spring both coming late. It’s like everything is off a month.
    Just my 2 cents.

  13. The cold month of February is further evidence of a world out of whack. The climate was humming along on track until the humans threw if off kilter with their grotesque greed and selfishness. Now the planetary ecosystem is wheeling and teetering like a drunk on the verge of toppling over into the gutter in a pool of his own vomit. When the planet vomits, it won’t be so easy to mop up.

  14. If you look at weather records from 100 years ago or so, you will see fluctuations there as well. It’s normal.
    And who says spring is late? It’s not spring until March 20. We’re right on schedule.

  15. …yes, move along…
    Honestly though, can we all actively shun people who post serious climate change comments with every change in the weather? And I’m talking both sides here.
    If you want to show us the data that flowers are coming up earlier year after year, great. If you want to show us the temps are getting higher or lower over decades, great. Comments like “Al Gore is an idiot because it snowed a lot” or “we’re all doomed because the daffodils are early” are really just good comedy.

  16. Going forward the average temperature will be significantly warmer. Climate temperature is directly correlated with CO2 in the atmosphere. Your 7 year old knows this. Why don’t you?

  17. I’m pretty sure, mikeylad, that even 5 year olds everywhere, let alone the local 7 set, know quite a bit more than you do about so many things. Your attempt at moral chiding was thus utterly unwarranted. I mean, condescension from you?

  18. The first snowdrops of spring, soon to be followed by crocuses as the sun warms the earth and the days get longer are beautiful things….and Mathilda is a vile and wretched troll.

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