Fire At Taj Palace

Tipsters tell us about a fire last night at Taj Palace in Montclair

There was fire on Bloomfield Ave. at about 3:00AM this morning….sadly, it looks like Taj Palace has been burned out.
Hopefully you can find out if they plan to re-open, we loved that place.

Toast owner Amy Russo tells us her restaurant was not effected.

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  1. We were at Toast this a.m. The windows of Taj Palace were broken but it appears as if the fire was mostly contained to the kitchen… dining room was largely intact. It was sad to see especially since all the tables were nicely set for tonight’s dinner that won’t be happening.
    The Moroccan place next door was also spared apart from a smell… they’re airing it out now so hopefully they can be open tonight.
    I have always liked that place so hopefully they will be able to reopen soon.

  2. What a shame! I always liked that place…great food. Nice owners, too. Hope they’re back in business soon.

  3. So glad me have a well manned professional fire department able to put the fire out, and minimize damage to surrounding property. Tremendous work guys! Town Council, please take note!

  4. I agree with the other posts: Mathew is a wonderful person, and Taj Palace is a great place. Best wishes for a quick return. I can’t wait for my next Tandoori Special.

  5. Never been there but you never want to hear a story like this. I hope it all works out for them and they’re back in business soon.

  6. Completely unrelated story.
    A friend of mine lived in an apartment building above a restaurant. The eatery owner lived in the building – one night the restaurant burst into flames. Being an ancient building without sprinklers the fire quickly spread to the apartments. Luckily everyone made it out with their lives, to find the restaurateur and his family standing on the sidewalk with luggage

  7. What a shame. I hope they get back into business soon, I’ve never been there but have heard only good things about this place.

  8. Really so touching bad news i had to know when i heard that Fire At Taj Palace, I feel so sad a eye opener spot of the Mumbai have the black circle on it. I like the Food of Taj shamed about to think How much country had to faced any more….
    Blessings to Taj!!!
    Thanks & Regards
    Jermaine Brown

  9. Taj Palace is our favorite reason to drive to Montclair for takeout. Hope they are on their feet as soon as possible.

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