Motherhood to Otherhood

Local mom Julia Roberts is an author and life coach who helps moms devote
the same amount of time it took to bring their child into this world–nine months–to
realizing their own personal dreams and goals. She calls the plan “Unpregnancy” and has structured it much like a pregnancy with trimesters, labors, and check-ups. By the end of the nine months, the goal is for moms to “give birth: to a new life.”
The plan is laid out in her book Motherhood to Otherhood. As moms, we know all too well that when Roberts says, “We wake up and take care of kids, husbands, houses, jobs, pets, lunches, dinners, volunteer work and at the bottom of the list… we take care of ourselves…” she speaks the truth.

Julia has created the M2O Mini-Course, based on the book Motherhood to Otherhood that emails you automatically once you sign up in the “Goody Bag” box on her website. Each email has a note from Julia with links to relevant reading, a worksheet and an online presentation, featuring music and narration, of about 5 minutes long.
Starting now until Friday, April 2 at 11:59 pm, Barista Kids readers can sign up for her Mini-Course for free. Just enter your email in The Goody Bag and start the Unpregnancy plan.

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