School Safety Tips

From the The Glen Ridge Police Department:

Spring is right around the corner, and Daylight Savings Time has started. The Glen Ridge Police Department would like to remind all students and parents that the safety of our children is paramount. There have been some matters of concern that have recently come up and have been addressed. We would like to remind students and parents as the weather becomes nicer of some safety issues that are important during school entry and dismissal:

  • When walking to and from school, always obey and listen to the School Crossing Guard. Always walk in a group and never talk to strangers.
  • If a student encounters a problem walking to or from school, they can notify a School Crossing Guard who will call 911.
  • Students should be focused on listening to the School Crossing Guard when crossing the street. There should be no “horseplay” or fooling around when crossing the street at a busy intersection.
  • Never cross the street while talking on a cell phone. Someone talking on a cell phone while walking is as distracted as someone driving a vehicle while talking or texting on a cell phone.
  • Students should not be congregating on corners where School Crossing Guards are trying to cross students. Make plans away from these areas and be focused on listening to the School Crossing Guards when at the corners.
  • Every school has a pick-up and drop-off area. These areas should only be used for this function. The Glen Ridge Police Department will strictly enforce illegal parking around the schools. Information regarding school drop-off can be found at the following website:
  • Never allow a student to get out of a vehicle while sitting in traffic.
  • Students should only cross the street at intersections where there are crosswalks. Never allow a student to cross the street in the middle of the block. Have them walk to the nearest intersection to cross.
  • Never double park your vehicle and allow a student to get into the vehicle while double parked.
  • Set up a specified area to pick up your child away from the school. This will ease congestion and provide for a safer school zone.

The Glen Ridge Police Department is always available to answer any safety questions students and parents may have. In the near future, the Glen Ridge Police Department Juvenile Bureau will be coordinating with each school to hold an assembly on the issue of safety coming and going to school. Thank you for helping keep our community safe. If you have any questions or concerns, you can either call the Glen Ridge Police Department at (973) 748-5400 or e-mail the following Officers:
Chief John Magnier
Captain Sheila Byron-Lagattuta
Lieutenant Robert Wohlgemuth
Juvenile Bureau

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