Deb Maclean is Losing It

Deb Maclean, a local comedian and artistic director of Lunatic Fringe improv group, is known around town not just for her improv but for her one-woman show called “Motherhood and Other Desperate Acts,” which dealt with moving to the suburbs and having kids.
Now she’s updated her act with a new show, “Losing It . . . and Taking It Back,” which will premiere next Tuesday, April 6, at 1 pm at the Women’s Club of Glen Ridge. It’s based on her experience as a middle-aged mother and comic. Once your kids get older, she says, “You being to lose it. You lose people, you lose your look, and you lose your hair. So, what now?”

This first production of “Losing It . . . And Taking It Back” will include a 45-minute workshop, followed by a 15-minute discussion to gain additional ideas for the show. “It’s great doing a workshop production around here because I know well-educated audience will give great feedback,” Deb says.
One new sketch will introduce character “Tammi” (with heart over the ‘i’), a girly, energetic, cosmetic saleswoman who believes ‘make-up is life.’ Two additional characters will also make their first appearance.
For all women’s club members, the performance fee is free, while non-members pay a fee of $10. Tickets will be available at the door. For more information or to make reservations, call 973-748-5459 or visit the women’s club website.
Story by Katie Shea.

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