Wheeler Goes Back to the Flood Zone


Our man on the Passaic, Wheeler Antanabez, went back the Wayne area yesterday to record the flooding from the latest rain. Here is his video.

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  1. “no one cares”.
    We care so little we offer federally funded flood insurance time and time and time and time and time and time and time again.
    And they guy is “happy” to leave a “wet and sewage laden” trail in the mall.

  2. I’m with ROC on this one. Federally-funded flood insurance, and if declared a disaster zone, no or low interest loans from the federal government thru the Small Business Administration.
    (I was the recipient of one of those SBA loans when my car was submerged down the sore during the nor’easter of ’92.)
    People do care, but let’s remember: this is Wayne, not New Orleans or Haiti. It does not beg for relief on the same scale.

  3. Earlier this week I was watching a story on the flooding on NBC’s 11PM news. The reporter was interviewing a Lincoln Park resident who was wearing hip waders to get to her house for the 2nd time in a month. She started complaining that the government needs to “fix the river”.
    Yes. Because clearly the river is the problem. Has nothing to do with the fact that her house is too close to it.

  4. Wayne has been flooding since i was a kid. you would think they have this figured out by now.

  5. We need to fix this noise problem, says the guy who bought a house next to the airport.
    We need to fix this parking and littering problem, says the guy who bought a house next to a high school.
    People, you live in a flood zone, next to the Passaic River. Did you really expect to get a nice return on your investment???

  6. Wheeler is a great modern day historian. I am charmed that he seems to come from the depts of the Passaic River. (I mean that in a nice way.)

  7. It does seem that the first thing on people’s minds when something bad happens is how it’s the government’s fault.
    Sorry, gotta run. The Army Corps of Engineers is reinforcing the shorelines at my $4 million Long Beach Island vacation home and I’ve got to make them lemonade.

  8. The government didn’t build those houses below the flood level in the flood plain.
    The free market did, and pretended that it was just fine. Let’s hear it for more deregulation.

  9. Kaity has threatened me with banning for calling this guy an “as*hole” in my initial post.
    But in the video at 5:42 Wheeler says “fu*k”
    Isn’t this a double standard?

  10. I don’t see the word a**hole in ROC’s first post. Was it redacted? The convention is to leave a note from the eds saying so, no? Otherwise it amounts to airbrushing.

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