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  1. (For a while there I thought the Baristas had come to their senses and excommunicated me.)

  2. “Baristanet is having some technical difficulties, which are making commenting on the site impossible for some users”
    I thought “technical difficulties” was a euphemism for a catharesque “slow news day”.

  3. Oddly enough, for the past two days, whenever I’ve tried to speak up at meetings, the words got stuck in my throat.

  4. Technical difficulties. Apparently Baristanet and BP are experiencing similar problems this afternoon.

  5. Lasermike was the “blowout preventer”.
    But never fear, BO is on the job. ( I think). I hear he’s just shopping around for a candidate he can offer the job to the get the candidate to give up his campaign.

  6. Unfortunately Brownie isn’t running a campaign embarrassing to Obama so i just don’t see it happening.
    Really though, partisan sniping aside. Don’t you think the Navy should have taken this over like 2 weeks ago?

  7. Do you think the coast guard is enough?
    I imagine the Navy has more deep sea resources than the coastguard.
    I think what this feckless President is hoping is that by simply blaming BP, relying on a friendly press and assuming average Obamanaughts will regurgitate the “Blame BP” meme he can avoid the “buck” stopping “here”.
    Of course he’ll learn the hard way, like his predecessor did, that he’ll get the blame for a lame response even if BP is 100% at fault for the incident.
    BP is certainly 100% responsible for the cause of this disaster – let the lawsuits commence!
    But also Obama is 100% responsible for the chaotic, hap-hazard and ineffectual response of his administration.

  8. “BP has all the experts.”
    the same ones that certified the blowout preventer, no doubt.

  9. Ineffectual? Only if it’s his job, but supposedly the conservative movement believes in hands-off government, so it must be BP’s job instead.
    President Obama confuses and enrages the conservative movement no end.
    They can’t figure out if he’s
    1. too weak – or too strong,
    2. a Nazi – or a Communist,
    3. a guy who’s moving legislation too fast – or a guy who’s indecisive and moving something else too slowly.
    4. A black man – or a white man ( that’s the part that is freakiest to some)
    All they know is that he’s not one of them, so that’s why you hear all the talk of “taking the country back”.

  10. “BP has all the experts.”
    the same ones that certified the blowout preventer, no doubt.
    And why would the Navy be better than this than an oil company? Its their equipment. In your rush to put the blame on Obama, you’re disconnected from reality.
    But also Obama is 100% responsible for the chaotic, hap-hazard and ineffectual response of his administration.
    That’s right. Obama should have been down there with equipment that’s not invented yet, to make sure everything is alright.

  11. The Commandant of the US Coast Guard Thad Allan, when asked if the US government should push BP out of the way, responded by saying “and replace them with what?”
    Of course, he has nowhere near the expertise that ROC has on this and all matters pertaining to maritime disasters. The president should simply listen to ROC and his fellow “the government can’t do anything right” people as they urge the government to take over from private industry.
    The comparison to Bush is absurd. Bush dawdled and failed to send human resources into a disaster area, and area that was not 5000 feet underwater and which required helicopters, trucks, food and water and security personnel. Only a confirmed hater like ROC could make that link, but then, that’s what he is, isn’t he?

  12. Back to baristanet having “Technical Problems”… I keep getting a warning telling me that this website has malware attached to it. Anybody else receiving this message?

  13. Yes I get the malware message too. But, really, it wasn’t anything I didn’t already know.

  14. Obama is NOTHING like Bush on this one.
    We LIKE Obama, we hated the evil Bush with his weather machine that caused Katrina.
    Here, Obama has done… He’s… Um…..
    He gave a speech!!
    (Also, cro you certainly understand the concept of States rights– the good Governor of LA was very slow to ask for aid from the Fed, which is the proper process. Likewise, Nagin has been proven to be an outright idiot. Moreover, the Posse Comitatus Act, limits the Feds from acting as police in a State. Little things I know, but to be fair, one must first admit that LA was run by dumb fools– the hell inflicted on the residents starts with them.)
    Contrast that to this spill.
    I’m unsure if the Feds have the authority to “take over” the spill. But from what was said, the Feds lack the expertise to do it.
    So, I guess, this isn’t Obama’s Katrina. Though the longer it takes to plug this hole, the more that may change.
    What it is though, is further proof that Obama is not the leader many make him out to be. (He’s been WAY TOO quiet here, probably because his people told him that IF he were to be out front, folks would see him as owning it. So we get this- Obama the quiet guy…)

  15. “Don’t you think the Navy should have taken this over like 2 weeks ago?”
    And what is their experience shutting down blown out oil pipes in a mile of water? Maybe — even though Red Adair is dead — some the groups that shut down the Iraqui oil fields after Saddam set them on fire are still around? Oh, yes, at least one of them is: some fly-by-night outfit named Haliburton. Used to be run by that guy — what’s his name? Oh, Cheney. Yeah, they know lots about well heads. I wonder if BP considered them?
    Being a fairly conservative liberal, about the only thing that I can say I am ecstatic about the fact that Barack Obama was elected POTUS is how much it pisses off some of the serious cons that post here. Too bad he can’t serve more than two consecutive terms… well, maybe we can ram an ammendent through repealing the 22nd Ammendment through Congress and keep him forever. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  16. I wonder if BP considered them?
    Too late, Conan. They’re actually already working on it, since it appears they’re partially at fault.
    It’s pretty ironic that Halliburton might at least be partially responsible for the torpedoing of “drill baby drill.” Karma, I guess.

  17. One cannot help but be flabbergasted by the hypocritical irony of the devout conservative small-government types, here and elsewhere, accusing Obama and the organs of the federal government of slothfulness in their response to an industrial disaster created entirely by private industry, aided by laxity of government oversight by regulators who were (quite literally) in bed with that industry, and abetted by a gross disregard of the industry’s own safety protocols in the pursuit of higher profits and greater productivity.
    The same voices whose stock-in-trade is the demonization of the federal government now speak as if some sort of oil spill special operations force should have been waiting to respond, at a moment’s notice, to what now may very well be the biggest, most damaging, and most technically challenging oil spill in history, notwithstanding the fudged analyses from BP et. al. asserting that a disaster of this magnitude could never, ever happen. As if the allies of Big Oil in Congress and elsewhere would have ever allocated any money and resources to a federal oil spill SWAT team in the first place.
    And Jindal has shown himself to be a particularly feckless little pipsqueak, building his street cred in the right wing by railing against Big Government whenever it was convenient to make political hay, yet now increasingly shrill in calling for a bigger, faster, and better response by the federal government.
    And to the prof, no, the feds cannot “take over” the spill response to BP, primarily due to federal law enacted following the Exxon Valdez debacle that made the oil companies themselves responsible for cleaning up spills and paying compensation for damages. The government has no legal authority to shunt BP aside, but even if they did, as has been noted above, what expertise in capping gushing oil wells does the federal government possess that the companies that actually drill for oil do not?

  18. prof, the Posse Comitatus Act does not preclude federal troops in the form of the National Guard from assuming police functions when necessary. It happens with riots, it happened after 9/11, and it (eventually) happened after Katrina.
    Little things I know.
    Also, following Katrina the governor of LA was not slow in asking for aid. She asked immediately. Whether the NO and LA folks were idiots is not in question, but it hardly justifies an equally idiotic non-response from the federal government.

  19. Great post, Pork Roll. I’m with you 100 %. The greedier people are, the more they want things both ways, as you illustrate.
    But I’d be careful if I were you — calling a small, slight, right wing politician like Jindal a “pipsqueak” is grounds for holy and righteous condemnation by certain unnamed posting folks here in Baristaville.
    You might get on their enemies list over that one!

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