Line B Calls Mayor’s Letter “Desperate and Scurrilous”

Updated with comments from Line A’s Steven Lenox and Mayor Ray McCarthy.
Gary Iacobacci, campaign advisor to Bloomfield’s Line B democrats, today issued a press release calling Mayor Raymond McCarthy’s request for election day monitors in the June 8 primary, in which he pointed out Iacobacci’s association with disgraced former Hoboken mayor Peter Cammarano, “desperate and scurrilous.” Iacobacci also said that several line A candidates, including McCarthy and Senator Frank Lautenberg, were as close to Camarraro and he was.
Mayor McCarthy says he has only met Cammarano twice because he was recommended to be his attorney by his “good friend” Angelo Genova because of a petition that was filed by Iacobacci against Councilman Bernard Hamilton. He was not represented in court by Cammarano.
“Dear friends are people like my wife and people I went to high school with, not someone I met twice,” Mayor McCarthy responded to allegations that he is dear friends with Cammarano.
“I am actually glad that Ray McCarthy has resorted to using this scurrilous attack of guilt by association against me,” Iacobacci said. “This confirms reports that McCarthy’s internal polling shows that he’s behind in this election.”

Here are some facts that Ray McCarthy left out of his ridiculous press release.
1) Peter Cammarano is a dear friend of Ray McCarthy and was his attorney when he challenged (in 2007) Councilman Bernard Hamilton’s (his present running mate) petitions with a frivolous lawsuit in an attempt to disenfranchise Hamilton by getting him thrown off the ballot.
2) Steve Lenox (McCarthy’s campaign consultant) is a dear friend of Cammarano and was Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s State director when Cammarano was running for mayor. In fact, Lautenberg endorsed Cammarano. Furthermore, Lenox (a Hoboken resident) worked vigorously on Cammarano’s campaign.

“Here’s my question, If I’m guilty by association, are Sen. Lautenberg, Ray McCarthy and Steve Lenox guilty as well?” Iacobacci said. “How ridiculous does that sound?” Line B mayoral candidate Patricia Spychala added, “Ray McCarthy would rather launch a guilt by association attack rather than address his nine year record of mismanagement.”
In April, Iacobacci accused Bloomfield Democratic Party Chairman Peter Stromolo of trying to intimidate some Line B candidates for district leader, and copied the Essex County Prosecutor, the New Jersey Attorney General, the Essex County Clerk and others.
“I was indeed one of hundreds of volunteers that came out in support of Peter Cammarano in hopes that he was going to move Hoboken in a new direction. And like them all, I was devastated to learn of direction his top operative, Gary Iacbocci, took that campaign in and the charges leveled against him,” Lenox said. “Bloomfield voters should be asking themselves what Line B is trying to hide, why are they so hesitant to bring in the AG’s office to monitor the election and count the ballots?”

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  1. McCarthy’s internal polling shows him behind and the voters are rejecting him because he raised their property taxes 70% and vetoed a proposal to end free health benefits for him and his family. Desperate people do desperate things. Make no mistake, Ray McCarthy is a desperate man. But this desperate tactic won’t work because Bloomfield voters are too smart to fall for this deception.

  2. But this desperate tactic won’t work because Bloomfield voters are too smart to fall for this deception.
    You mean those voters that are registered Democrats and who will partcipate in a primamry election by heading to the polls are too smart to fall for this.
    If I am voting (which I can’t) I pick the four candidates who are best for the town and in my opinion do not occupy the whole of Line A or Line B. It is the only hope the Dems have of keeping control of the Town.

  3. all these ‘dears’ in Bloomfield, someone call the county – we may need to arrange for a hunt!
    I think it is all desperate – why is it that campaigns cannot be limited to what the candidate’s qualifications.
    Just as I don’t expect Crest to undermine Colgate & vice versa.
    Ajax vs. Comet
    Dawn vs. Joy
    Tide vs. All
    really now – let’s stick with our own qualifications and move FORWARD!

  4. Having attended the candidate’s night last Thursday evening, I cannot escape the gnawing feeling that the “four candidates who are best for the town” will not be on the ballot in June, or November.

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