A Good (and Green) Goodie Bag

Friday, Jun 25, 2010 1:00pm

paper bag.JPGWhen the excitement, cake and mayhem of a kid’s birthday party are over and done with, it can almost be discouraging to see the amount of plastic packaging or styrofoam that unfortunately don’t fit the bill of the #1 and #2 recyclable plastics. To add to one’s pangs about trying to be environmentally friendly, often the goodie bags, too, aren’t recyclable.
Why not, for a change, let your child’s friends go home with little bags that will be happy to return to the earth, or which can be recycled and reused? This year, my younger son’s friends took home homemade cupcakes in small cardbox boxes, along with a little zipper pull toy. Very little went into the garbage cans of his guests, for sure!
Here’s an easy, inexpensive and green birthday giveaway bag that you can add a flourish to, giving it your child’s own personal touch. It’s a handy craft activity, too, keeping excited little hands busy in the runup to the big day.
All you need for the chrysanthemum-decorated bags are:

  • brown paper lunch bags
  • construction paper, colored
  • scissors
  • glue
  • sparkly sprinkles
  • a dash of imagination

  1. First, draw a rough circle (or a precise one using a compass) on a piece of colored construction paper, in pencil.
  2. Draw a bigger circle around it.
  3. Cut off excess paper outside the second, bigger circle.
  4. Start cutting straight lines from the outside circle all the way to the inner circle, to create petals.
  5. Apply glue to the back of just the smaller circle, and attach to a brown bag.
  6. Apply glue to the opposite side of the smaller circle and sprinkle liberally with sparklies.
  7. Use a finger to dab them firmly into the glue.
  8. Shake off the excess somewhere other than your kitchen floor to which it will permanently adhere.
  9. Fold the petals inward, so they stand away from the brown bag.

That’s it! Goodie bag is ready, and once kids have extracted the contents, it’s all recyclable!

  • Sunflower shape – stick a small yellow circle down, then cut oval petals and stick all round.
  • A butterfly, with just the middle stuck to the bag.
  • A dragonfly, with crepe or tracing paper wings sprinkled with sparklies.
  • A sitting cat, with patch on tummy pasted with cotton wool or white sparklies.

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