Boonsong Thai on Broad St: Fresh Food, Fab Prices

IMG_1318.JPGAbout six weeks ago, a new Thai restaurant materialized on Broad St in Bloomfield, close to the intersection of Watchung Ave, and if you’re as big a fan of Thai food as I am, there can never be too many of these.

I popped in to Boonsong Thai Cuisine last week for lunch, and found it shares an owner with Tuptim Thai Cuisine on Bloomfield Ave in Montclair.

That should bode well for the newcomer, considering the staunchly loyal following Tuptim has built over the past two decades, even as other restaurants in the area have come and gone.
IMG_1317.JPGThe restaurant’s lime-green, almost fluorescent interior is done simply, and laid out tastefully with walnut wood furniture. The unfinished ceiling detracts just a bit from decorative efforts made elsewhere.

But perhaps few people will need to gaze heavenward when there’s stunning food hitting all of one’s senses within closer proximity.
Boonsong’s menu is extensive, and with about 55 items on the regular menu and at least 30 vegetarian ones, one is spoilt for choice.


As I visited at lunch time, there were several appetizers on offer, including an appetizer sampler featuring five different items, which my lunch companion and I picked.

The decent number of entrees on the handy one-page lunch menu were a reasonable $6.95 apiece, and each dish that appeared before us was neither supersized nor too measly.

There weren’t many other patrons at the time, but the few present appeared happy with their meals, as evidenced by frequent murmurings of “mmm,” “oh yes!” and emphatic “yums.” Happy signs, no doubt.


Our wait staff were gracious and attentive and the appetizer sampler arrived fairly quickly. It comprised fried mushroom and cabbage spring rolls (and my table resonated with the mmms, too); curry puffs – Southeast Asian fried pastries stuffed with sweet, curried potato – these were excellent; chicken satay with peanut sauce; green steamed dumplings stuffed with spinach, potato and minced lime leaves – unusual and tasty; and barbequed shrimp – which was delicious.

The sampler was certainly a great introduction to a theme Boonsong would continue through the meal, of fresh, true-to-Thailand flavors and fresh ingredients.


As a benchmark dish in a new Thai restaurant, I chose a green curry, a dish I often make from scratch at home, with a recipe learnt in the country of its origins.

The curry was perfect – quite spicy (I asked them to make it to Thai standards) with an on-the-button balance of sweet and citrus and aromatics, and the chicken was tender.

The gravy, as is often the case with an ideal Thai curry, was addictive.


Eggplant sauteed with basil, chilli and garlic was slightly sweet, lightly chilli-ed and delicious. Pad See Ew, a flat rice noodle fried with vegetables and beef, was tasty, if a little on the eggy side.

Portions were perfect and two people could easily have a filling lunch for about $20 excluding tax and tips (if they were greedy) or $15 pretax – the mid-week entrees were just $6.95 each.

The restaurant is thankfully open every day of the week, and will deliver to Montclair, Bloomfield, Glen Ridge and Belleville.

Would I visit Boonsong again? Heck, yeah!
IMG_1325.JPGBoonsong Thai Cuisine

1040 Broad St,
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Tel: 973.338.0507
Open 7 days a week
11:30am – 9:30pm weekdays
11:30am – 10:30pm weekends

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  1. Delicious food and a wonderfully friendly staff in a location that’s sprouted a ton of new restaurants over the past decade. Highly recommended. And if you’re at the other end of town, hit up Brookside Thai which is my personal favorite Thai joint in Essex County.

  2. Hi pm…That made me spit up my coffee….and, if I remember my culinary class, one should save the big toe for last…better to scoop up all the sauce that’s left on the plate.

  3. We had dinner at Boonsong this evening and were very impressed. There were a couple of items we wanted to compare to a popular Bloomfield Thai restaurant…the Moo Yang (an appetizer here, an entree at the other place) and the Chicken Satay. Both were much better at Boonsong without question. White meat chicken satay can be almost leathery at some places…but tonight’s was very, very juicy and obviously had some attention spent on this thin cut to have it turn out so perfectly. The Moo Yang was the same…much more tender than what we were used to, and the spicy sauce on the side had a wonderful sting. Our entrees of duck with chili peppers and basil leaves, fried rice and pad thai were top notch…all with a subtlety missing from our visits to the old favorite. Sticky rice with mango for afters was again…perfect. We felt the slightly higher price was worth it for leaving so happy! Attentive service as well. Yea!

  4. We loved this restaurant. There are also plenty of selections for kids. Based on our experience here, my two kids have decided that they love Thai food. Chicken satay, dumplings, fried rice and basic noodle dishes worked well for them. The staff was really nice and the food came out quickly.

  5. We have had delivery and take-out from Boonsong four times – all delicious. My husband has the same thing every time (curry puff and pad kee mao) and says that the curry puffs are the best he has had. Every entree that I have had has been excellent (curries and noodles).
    Beware, though: I spent some time in Bangkok and have always had to ask for my food to be made “Thai-spicy” in other restaurants (because I *know* Thai food…oooh boy). Boonsong really put me in my place when I asked for Yum Ta-Lay “Thai spicy”! It was delicious but I had an out of body chili experience and was gasping for breath. My husband has never laughed so hard.
    Overall: highly recommended

  6. “Portions were perfect and two people could easily have a very filling lunch for about $20 (if they were greedy) or $15.”
    Based on the above I went with a friend for lunch. The food was great. The staff (one waitress doing everything) was attentive. But if the lunch entrees are about 9 bucks and the appetizer sampler (on one menu priced $13.95, and on my companion’s menu priced $15.95), I can’t imagine how two people can have a lunch for 20 bucks, unless you’re not including beverages, tax, or tip.
    And 15 bucks?
    For the record: we split an appetizer, a lunch entree, and the fried banana dessert, I had water, she had Thai iced tea. Basically one meal that we split down the middle…with tip: 27 bucks. And that’s for only one entree.
    That said, the food is delicious, and the place is in my opinion definitely worth the trip (and the dough).

  7. It’s great! I haven’t been up at that end of town much recently, so I was happy to see another Thai restaurant had opened in Bloomfield. I got Pad Thai to take out. I expected to like it–I love Pad Thai–but wasn’t expecting to be wowed by it. Even during the ride home, the noodles didn’t get gluey, and the peanuts and bean sprouts didn’t get soggy. The shrimp were perfect. I had planned to eat half for dinner, half for lunch the next day, but I was so happy, I just kept eating. Best Pad Thai I’ve ever had.

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