Bring on the Heat

It’s officially summer and things are getting hot. Temperatures are expected to hit 90 degrees this week. What are you doing to stay cool?

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  1. You also forgot constantly checking Baristane in anticipation of Part III of “The Blame Game, a Mayoral Epic.”

  2. What kind, herb? I like my beers to approximate the essence of water on a hot summer day. Ice cold Mich Ultra on the beach is perfect. Or a Landshark with a lime.

  3. Baristane
    Bar·ris·tane? ?[bar-rhese-taine]
    quality of being Baristanet-like in expression, vehemence or argumentativeness. Reference to typical expression of commenters on and obscure realtor promotion site in Montclair NJ.
    That prof guy is so bristane in his expression of his own superiority.

  4. I’m glad you cleared that up, ROC.
    I thought a bar ris tain was what’s on my shirt everytime I come home from Egan’s.

  5. Well for the rest of the week I’ll be at my desk working.
    If the heat wave keeps up through the weekend it will probably mean early morning bike rides, moving as little as possible during the height of the day, and more biking in the evening.
    This time of year really is the worst part of living in NJ. I know it’s cliche: But, the humidity is far worse than the heat.
    I can (and have) spend a week in the beginning of August camping out in the Nevada desert and have it bother me less than an AC free weekend in NJ.

  6. Where to, Spicoli? I would say that we’ll miss you, but I’m sure you’ll be hanging around like cheap suit.

  7. 6,738 miles away as the crow flies, Roo. Worry not – I will not lurk or linger in my absence. But I will be back one day 🙂

  8. Staying out of traffic and wearing the summer uniform of boardies and Topsiders. Heat doesn’t bother me.

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