Church Street Goes to the Movies

atticus on church street.jpgChurch Street was bustling last night — with a new gelato place, a new cupcake place, and about 150 people sprawled on blankets and folding chairs watching the Montclair International Film Festival’s first of three outdoor movie events. Popcorn was even free.

The crowd wasn’t huge, which meant that anybody could find a good seat, and it was sweet to see a movie with so many lovely summer scenes unfold during a quintessential summer Friday night on Church Street. Congrats to the organizers for bringing on the magic.

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  1. No, not sand. Just the light. The dates of the next ones have not been announced, but stay tuned to Baristanet. We’ll have it.

  2. Just another argument for finally closing church street between bloomfield and the apartment building and turning it into a pedestrian zone.
    Montclair has only one viable ‘industry’ and that is restaurants.

  3. I really wanted to go, it was a beautiful night, but I thought it was going to be crazy crowded so I didnt bother. Hung on my deck instead! I hope I will like the next flick!

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