Fine Art & Crafts at Brookdale Park

Crowds strolled along shady paths yesterday, enjoying juried art work and crafts at the 22nd annual Spring Fine Art and Crafts at Brookdale Park. If you missed it Saturday, the show continues today. More family fun in photos at Barista Kids.

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  1. What a wonderful art festival it was, my partner and I found a few new artists to enjoy, along with a few we know from the past. The crowd was very friendly, and I would encourage anyone who didn’t go yesterday to get out to it today!! Kudos to the organizers!!

  2. I wish it was open till it gets dark out – especially in hot days. Ran home after work grabbed the kids got there at 6pm to realize it was closed at 5pm?! Weather as perfect in the eve – perfect for shopping and just walking and having fun in the park … too bad I missed it this time ! But I want to put it out there for them to be open later if possible!

  3. Busy yesterday and much too warm today. I think evening hours would be ideal; perhaps start later. Saw the work at Verona Park, earlier. Always lovely although sometimes a bit repetitious.

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