NJ Pot Production At Rutgers?

The Christie administration may be putting a lid on home-grown entrepreneurs hoping to get into medical marijuana market. Legislation has been proposed which would make Rutgers University the sole growing and distribution point for New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, according to NJ.com. The program is expected to roll out in January 2011. More on this story, here.

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  1. LOL, Cuppa! I think this can be said about large university.
    Rutgers does have that extension in Hunterdon County where they grow all kinds of produce so maybe it’s a good fit.

  2. LOL I didn’t go to Rutgers – small school in PA – and even I got weed from Rutgers when I was in college.
    I’m not sure why this is all still an issue. Our Gov is looking to tax everything they can why wouldn’t they jump on the opportunity to tax another bad habit

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