Open Thread: June 17, 2010

I don’t know about you dear readers, but it’s been one of those days and it’s only (gasp) 3 p.m. A frosty pitcher of sangria sounds perfect right now (there is some taunting me on Food).
How are you holding up? And why are those Toy Story 3 folks always trying to make us cry?

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  1. And I thought it was just me… just posted to FB that I was seriously contemplating joining the circus, if only they paid as well as my currently employer I would SO be there… I want to run away somewhere and come back in a couple of weeks! 😛

  2. Is anyone else in the Third Ward as completely disappointed with Councilor Nick Lewis as I?
    * In complete agreement with the Mayor regarding eminent domain: “If you are against eminent domain, you are against government…” (well, guess I’m now against the government, Nick, because I am certainly against eminent domain)
    * Can’t find anything else to cut in the budget and has no problems with another huge tax increase (what’s the projection now, 11%?)
    * Dropped the ball completely as Town Council’s point person on parking… the Parking Authority can’t deliver the promised money to the township and the expensive taxpayer-funded parking decks go empty (see the MTC Times article a couple of months back with photos of empty parking decks) but doesn’t have the backbone to tell businesses and apartment renters that’s where they should be parking, so as to support the Parking Authority’s financial obligation to the township which would REDUCE THE BURDEN OF TAXPAYING HOMEOWNERS!!! (Note: I’m not against renters in anyway… been there many times and know first hand what it’s like, but no renter in town knows what a MTC tax bill, water bill or sewer bill looks like. As a taxpaying homeowner, I am familiar with all three.)
    I’d go on, but it makes my blood pressure go up.
    Fellow Third Warders, how do you feel?

  3. I am totally in agreement, Napoleon.
    We might as well have drawn a face on the Mayor’s hand. When the mayor says “ALL right?” the hand also says “All right”.
    I wish there was a recall petition.

  4. I’m in Mexico City now and it’s surprising like the NY metro area. Plenty of rich folks, even more poor people, a middle class trying to stay afloat and an incompetent government. And as taxes go up in Baristaville, we may become like many Mexicans and stop paying taxes. That’s when the similarities will become even more acute.
    On the other hand, there’s a huge party going on since Mexico dominated France in the World Cup today.
    Sadly I have to work in a hotel room and can’t join in. Gotta work to pay those Baristaville taxes.

  5. Liz, I am sorry to hear you had one of those days your mama always told you would come. Be strong. Be real.

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