Pedestrian Hit By Car, Upper Montclair

At the busy intersection of Valley Rd and Lorraine Ave, in front of Veggie Heaven, a woman was hit by a dark colored SUV. Witnesses said she tried running across the street, then was hit by the SUV around 1:30pm. She was injured and taken away by ambulance
Bernadette Baum, who was a few feet from the scene says EMT took ages to arrive but 4 or 5 cop cars came quickly.
Update: In the face of this accident, what seemed like “ages” for MVAU to arrive, in reality was only a few minutes. MVAU’s Corinna Sager responds:
“We would like to set the record straight. The ambulance took 6 minutes and was right behind one of the patrol cars which was even said over the air on the radio.

The fact is that we consistently have one of the fastest response times in the industry
(industry average response time is 10 minutes, ours is 5 minutes).”

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  1. I heard she was K-walking, which is a much more egregious offense because K is further along in the alphabet than is J.

  2. I was hit by a car at that same intersection about a month ago. I was jogging in the crosswalk, going from Williams Sonoma towards the gas station. I had a green light. A car going east on Lorraine took a right turn on red onto Valley without looking for pedestrians. I jumped up, landed on the hood and rolled over the driver’s side of the car. No permanent harm done, but I almost killed the young guy driving. Nobody puts baby on the hood.

  3. OK, people, you can stop complaining about the lack of details in the story:
    It was about 1:30 pm. You could tell because the shadows were slim and the air stood still in the way that only mid-day air can stand. The traffic light cycled its unwavering cycle, and so on, the inexorable changing of colors bringing each and every one of us closer to our final moments on this Earth.
    That final moment almost came too soon for one woman.*
    Challenging the stillness of the afternoon, that woman broke into a run. A run across the road. Like the proverbial subject of the famous question, “why did the chicken …?”, the woman’s mission was presumably simple — no more, no less, than to get to the other side. But today was to be different. Instead of a chicken crossing a road, the sleepy hamlet of Upper Montclair would be witness to a game of chicken between a human and an SUV.
    “It’s always an SUV,” thought the first officer to arrive on the scene, “a dark SUV.” As sure as Veggie Heaven is actually a meatless hell, he was right.
    Being an SUV in Upper Montclair, one would usually be correct to guess that it was driven by a well-to-do woman happily yacking away on her cellphone while perusing her satellite radio options. But no, today’s SUV was piloted by a man. Men generally do not happily yack away on cellphones while perusing satellite radio options, so it must be assumed that the man was determinedly typing away at the last of several emails since the previous stop light. Did he see the woman? Did he apply the brakes? Was the light in his favor? So many questions, dear reader, but the answers aren’t available, so we must continue to make them up:
    The dark SUV might have been more than merely “dark” — it may have been a Cadillac Escalade Platinum in Black Raven, an ominous behemoth that, to the docile, cabbage munching denizens of Veggie Heaven who were so near to the scene, must represent all that is wrong with our materialistic animal- and petrol-consuming society. A raven sent to loom over us, emergent from the tempest and the Night’s Plutonian shore(!) to bring us Darkness at, if not Noon, about one-thirty.
    “Alas,” thought another officer, “if only every day could be Bike Montclair day, then we wouldn’t see this or this or this or this so often…
    * – Lord hope she’s going to be OK! I don’t wish to make light of the pain of the victim, but instead the kvetching of readers who want more information when none might be available — that’s just how it goes sometimes, eh?

  4. Nice try, apple, but it would be better if you worked Cary Africk and Jerry Fried in there somehow.

  5. My dad was almost clipped at that same intersection last week.
    Since I moved back to Montclair and am walking to the Walnut Street train, it’s amazing the amount of cars that don’t obey this law.
    Trying to cross at Walnut and Valley is a prime example.
    A few weeks ago, I was off the curb and waiting for a car to stop and even a MPD cruiser zipped on through without yielding.
    That’s what really blew my mind. No lights, no nothing. Debated calling in his squad car number, but decided it wasn’t worth any aggravation.

  6. Clair,
    The marsupial may be a flea-bitten, crawl-space dwelling, lite-beer drinking, wise-ass, but he’s no idiot. He’s guilty of occasional idiocy (who isn’t?) but he’s smarter than your average bear.

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