What if You Held a Council Meeting and (Almost) Nobody Came?

Then you would have something like what happened Monday night in Bloomfield when four out of seven council members were no-show and the council meeting had to be cancelled.
Showing up: Mayor Raymond McCarthy, Bernard Hamilton and Robert Ruane. No show: Patricia Spychala, Pat Barker, Nicholas Joanow and Janice Maly.
McCarthy has scheduled a special meeting tomorrow (Thursday, June 17) at 7 p.m. to conduct council business.
Township administrator Frederick Carr says he was surprised Monday night when the seats were empty. “That four people would just not happen to be there all at the same time? What a coincidence.”

Carr says that town clerk Louise Palagano went and checked her answering machine, but found no messages and everyone left after 15 minutes. NJ.com’s Bloomfield Forum is, of course, abuzz with speculation and recrimination about the event.
On the agenda (and rescheduled for discussion tomorrow): the budget, Foley Field’s Green Acres application and approval of the fireworks contract.

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  1. This is what happens when you have a mayor who will stop at nothing to get rid of a police chief who won’t do his bidding. I smell another gigantic lawsuit. Let’s ask the mayor how much we tax payers had to pay the public library director after the mayor green lighted his unjust firing? Keep those lawsuits coming, mayor.

  2. This is what happens when the mayor does not keep the town council meetings civil and encourages hecklers and town employees to come up to the mic and say insulting things to his opponenents.
    It is also what happens when a mayor thinks he is KING and declares that he has VETO POWER over resolutions and ordinances. Totally unheard of.
    If he does have veto power why elect a town council?
    In any case Mccarthy’s co-conspiritor, Fred Carr, the township administrator is leaking sensative documents- confidential documents that deal with the fact that Town Clerk, Louise Palagano did not perform her duties in relation with civil service law and the appointment of the police chief.
    Both town clerk, Palagano and Town Sdministrator Carr should be fired for dereliction of duty.
    can you spell COLUSSION?

  3. And the fun just keeps on coming!
    There’s a good reason behind this I’m certain of that. It will all come to light, like everything else. Patience.

  4. A good reason for releasing confidential documents?
    Or a good reason for the Town Clerk and Town Administrator to not do their duty so the result is the police cheif’s job is in jeopardy?
    Or a good reason for firing the Town Clerk and Town Administrator.
    I think the last on to be true.

  5. Is it required that town council meetings be held in the municipal building or the police building?
    maybe they had their own council meeting elsewhere! Did anyone check the papers- maybe it was announced.
    Did nayone check with WBMA- maybe they filmed it.
    If it was announced, filmed and notes were kept I think it’s a bonifide Bloomfield Town Council Meeting….

  6. The township administrator will be quoted as being surprised when he loses his job for dereliction of duty and colussion.
    When the town council voted to not have health benefits for themselves. Fred Carr colluded with Mayor McCarthy so that the mayor was able to steal health benefits.
    Now we find that the paperwork for the Police Chief’s appointment was not properly filed and that the mayor is going to try a fire him. Town Administrator Fred Carr should be fired as well as the bumbling Town Clerk who is responsible for the paperwork.

  7. Disgraceful and violation of a sacred public trust they incur when the good people of Bloomfield elect them.

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