Awesome Pyrotechnics, Essex County!

BrookdaleParkFireworks.jpgBrookdale Park was in full Independence Day mode Friday night as the Infernos rocked a dancing audience and a fantastic fireworks display inspired collective oohs and aahs. The big crowd pleaser was a sort of massive white vertical column of snake-like bursts that reminded me of something from Harry Potter (only it wasn’t sinister and fortunately Voldemort’s Dark Mark didn’t show).

Near my viewing spot on the south west hill, two groups of enthusiastic onlookers (one girls, the other guys) did an amusing — and very north Jersey– call and response of encouragement to the pyrotechnics crew. Happy happy Independence Day, Baristaville.

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  1. The fireworks were very impressive! We live close enough to the park that we can see them from the playing field behind Brookdale school. A-one pyrotechnics, Essex County!

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