Baristanet Reader Needs Help To Pop Question

A reader writes…

I will be proposing marriage to my girlfriend this coming Sunday, August 1st in Montclair and need help with my needlessly complicated plan.

I was hoping you could help me spread the word because I need volunteers to take a few minutes out of their day to help me out.

Her friends are taking her out for brunch/lunch on Church St, and will sit at one of the outdoor seating areas. I will need complete strangers that would be willing to approach the table and hand her a single flower, and then walk away. Once she has an armful of flowers and is confused as to what is going on, I’ll show up with the last flower and the ring.
I would be grateful for any help you can provide. Getting strangers to agree to doing this is proving harder than I imagined.

Want to help this romantic guy out? If so, email here.

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  1. How sweet! We won’t be around but what a great idea…I’m sure he’ll find peeps to help out. Good luck!

  2. Barf city! Why is it necessary to “share” one of life’s best moments with the general public? Facebook mentality at its worst.

  3. Maybe you think it’s “barf city” but it’s not your proposal, now is it? Sheesh, so judgmental.

  4. Totally agree, chilinmo. Someones been watching way too many episodes of Bethenny Getting Married.

  5. I agree with Katalina. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s his GF, his proposal. Certainly not as “Facebook” as proposing at Yankee Stadium on the big screen (yuck). As long as she’s surprised by it (and says “yes!”)

  6. dramatic & cheesy idea, sorry to say. take it from a woman, keep it simple & romantic — what if she says no??

  7. Good God, what is wrong with you people? Dude wants to do this in his own way; I bet his girlfriend will be delighted. Whether someone wants to pop the question via the big screen @ Yankee stadium, on Church Street in front of lots of people, or whatever other way they choose, it’s not for someone else to judge.
    My brother and his wife got married at a medieval theme hotel in Vegas and left toward the end of their reception to go to a boxing match. That was a million miles away from anything I’d ever consider, but they had a blast and that was the only important thing.
    I think this is very sweet and original.

  8. Surely there is a way to propose marriage without causing the untimely death of a multitude of innocent plants.

  9. “Needlessly Complicated”.
    You said it! Why is it so complicated? What’s the payoff?

  10. I just emailed him to volunteer! 🙂 After reading these posts day after day about thefts, shootings, Russian spies, lost pets, and general ickiness, I’m more than happy to support an act performed in the name of LOVE.

  11. Cuppa,
    THANK YOU! Why do people have to destroy others’ wishes? Perhaps because they didn’t think of it? Are their lives so sad that they’ll deny anyone else the opportunity for a little fun and excitement?
    I hope that the operation goes as planned, that she is surprised and excited (and says “Yes!”), and that they live a happy life with fond memories of a special moment.
    All of you spoilers, please avoid Church Street on Sunday and crawl back into your miserable little caves of unhappiness.

  12. It is a lovely idea. I just hope other women, who may also be planning to have brunch on Church St., won’t be disappointed when the woman in question is not she.

  13. Very cheesey idea: I LOVE it.
    Unfortunately, I’m not going to be in town this weekend or I would have loved to take part (with my wife in baby in tow to add a “glimpse of the future” to the whole ordeal).
    (also hoping she doesn’t read B-Net or the whole surprise might be ruined)

  14. I’m planning on surprising my love with breakfast in bed. I need folks to ring my doorbell and deliver an ingredient…
    This is cute.
    Asking for help on b- net is not.

  15. They’re spending 3-5 million on the wedding and Hilary is still begging for $35 donations (FREE DVD of one of her speeches included!!!) to retire her campaign debt.

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