Former Short Hills Day Care Manager Sentenced for Child Molesting

reyes child molester.jpgJust in from the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office: Jose Reyes, 35, of Newark has been sentenced to 20 years in state prison for sexually assaulting three young boys. He worked as manager at the Can Do Fitness Center, located at 750 Morris and Essex Turnpike in Short Hills but, the prosecutor said, there is no evidence Reyes assaulted any children there.
Reyes, who was investigated after a Bloomfield mother’s complaint, admitted to molesting a Montclair boy.

From the news release:

Today the Honorable Robert H. Gardner, JSC, sentenced Reyes to an aggregate of 20 years. He was sentenced to 10 years for one count of first degree aggravated sexual assault and five years each for two counts of second degree sexual assault. Reyes must serve 85 percent of his 20-year prison sentence before he is eligible for parole.
Reyes will serve his sentence at the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center, the state prison for sex offenders, located in Avenel. When Reyes is released from prison, he will be a registered sex offender under Megan’s Law and will be on parole supervision for life.
Reyes pleaded guilty on March 12, 2010. Assistant Prosecutor Deborah Freier, who handled the case, described Reyes as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
“He was a single male, without children of his own, who sought out situations in which he could be around children. He befriended women with children and then offered to baby sit. He portrayed himself as someone who loved children,” said Freier.
“This is an all too common case of a man who was beloved and trusted by parents and abused that trust. We agreed to the 20-year sentence to spare the children and their parents from the additional trauma of a trial. From that stand point, this is a good result,” said Freier.
Authorities opened an investigation when the mother of a 17-year-old contacted the Bloomfield Police Department, alleging Reyes had sexually assaulted her son on numerous occasions when the boy was between the ages of 9 to 12. Reyes pleaded guilty to the allegations.
Reyes also pleaded guilty to molesting a Montclair boy, now 15 years old, on numerous occasions from November 2006 to November 2007. He also admitted sexually assaulting a 6-year-old Newark boy from March 2008 to March 2009. The sexual assaults occurred at Reyes’ home and other locations.

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  1. I guess this guy is the Baristanet welcome wagon since he seems to touch ALL the areas of the new and enhanced Baristaville.

  2. Your headline is misleading. CanDo is a fitness center that also has karate classes. It is not a daycare.

  3. Um, who in their right mind would leave their kids anywhere around that guy? Obviously, these disgusting predators are often able to blend into society alarming well, but this mutant LOOKS like a stereotypical child molester.

  4. No one ever looks his or her personal best in a mug shot, jerseydevil. Not even Mel Gibson or the former TV actress just arrested for DUI and vehicular homicide down near Hopewell.
    What does a “sterotypical child molester” look like, if it comes to that? (This guy lookes to me like many of the guys of questionable immigration status who work for local landscapers; shall I thus infer something about their morals from this?) The point is always that a molester could in fact be anyone.
    But I am still curious why the Baristas have not either changed the headline of this item (since he apparently worked at a gym, not a day care center) or at least explained it better. This does not bode well for the new, expanded, “improved” coverage Baristanet is now offering another part of Essex County, and just seems sloppy journalism at best.

  5. Indeed, cathar, child molesters come in all shapes and sizes. This guy, however, has the classic unkempt frumpiness, that rapidly-approaching-middle-age paunchiness, the beady, inset eyes, and vacant gaze of your run-of-the-mill John Wayne Gacy, Roman Polanski, or Joel Nussbaum type.

  6. It seems that where he was working isn’t even relevant to the story, since no charges were filed in connection with this workplace. Putting that information in the first paragraph just confuses the issue.

  7. jerseydevil,
    By your thinking Robert Chambers was misunderstood at best, wrongly convicted at worst, huh?
    No. One can NEVER “tell” anything from appearances. To attempt this is as dumb as believing it.

  8. prof,
    I think you might have misconstrued my original comment. All I stated is this guy “looks like a child molester” not that all child molestors or sociopaths LOOK like this guy.
    Hell, I’ve had gym teachers back in high school who look like this creep. Uh, scratch that–they were probably deviants too.

  9. Is that supposed to clarify?
    You made a judgement about this guy based on how he looked. A judgement about whether he is guilty of the most heinous crime imaginable.
    What did I misconstrue?
    Or were you just trying to be funny? Witty? Or…..

  10. The guy looks creepy to me. Maybe, in all fairness, it’s because by the time I saw his picture, I knew he was convicted of child molestation…He looks cold and calculating, and there’s no warmth in his eyes at all.
    And that assessment isn’t based on his looks, per se, but on the feelings the photo evokes.
    But cathar is right in that no one looks their personal best in a mug shot…
    But he was found guilty…

  11. It is totally outrageous that the boys’ families were forced to accept such a light sentence in order to protect their children from more horror because of this animal. The bastard should be castrated. Hope he enjoys playing with his new pals.

  12. Rot in prison you sick bastard……..he’ll be the one getting it in the end (pun intended) in the klink……..even inmates have some morals and child molestors are ranked somewhere between road kill fecies and that gunk you scrape out from under your toe nails….

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