Maplewood Beverage Packer Employee Badly Injures Finger

maplewoodbeverage.jpgAn employee of Maplewood Beverage Packers was injured today, with a serious injury to his finger, when it was pulled into the machine during the labeling process of Arizona Tea bottles. Maplewood Fire Department responded to the scene; the employee was rushed to UMDNJ. No word yet on the extent of his injury; we’ll update when we learn more.
Photo: Joy Yagid

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  1. I have 10 fingers and want to keep it that way. However, is a “serious injury to a finger” news?

  2. This just may be the moment when this site jumped the shark.
    Can’t we reign back in Baristaville to Montclair, GR and Bloomfield again?

  3. Not to worry. I’m sure the Baristas are already planning the segue into two separate blogs – a la the Baristakids. It makes a lot more sense for advertisers, I’d think.
    It’s not that I don’t care about what happens in the other areas, it’s just that it has no relevance to my small bubble right now. I’m sure that had we ended up in Maplewood or South Orange I’d want my own truly local blog back, too.
    Actually, maybe another, more local blog isn’t such a bad idea. A little competition never hurt anyone right? Anyone else in?

  4. Why Maplewood?? Secaucus and Hoboken are closer! Why not Newark, which has more impact on Montclair than Maplewood? The expanded focus of this site has made it a lot less of interest to me.

  5. From the Southern-most tip of Bloomfield, where Bloomfield, Glen Ridge and East Orange come together, to the northern-most Town-Line of South Orange at the East Orange / South Orange line is
    exactly 4 miles. I strongly doubt that Secaucus and Hoboken are closer to Bloomfield than that.

  6. What happened to Orange, EO and Irvington? Belleville? Anything happening there? Speak up!
    Cathar, what’s going on in Clifton?

  7. PAZ (and I for one miss those little add-ons wherein you told us where you posting from), Clifton, otherwise known as the town which has the real diversity Montclair only pretends to, abides. It is ever thus and it is as it should be. Enjoy your weekend, try to stay cool, and DON’T go see “Wild Grass.”
    I had a private screening of it one show last week at the Clairidge, I was the only ticket buyer. The last 25 minutes or so made absolutely no sense. Film critics try to say this means that old guy Alan Resnais is still on top of his playful game, I suggest instead that it merely means he is totally addled and that, since he realized he had no way with which to end his film logically, he simply decided to stop it.

  8. Cathar,
    Right now I wish I was on the road again and posting from somewhere way north of here but business is very slow, so right now it’s……PAZ in GR.

  9. Ted suggested that…
    This just may be the moment when this site jumped the shark.
    Can’t we reign back in Baristaville to Montclair, GR and Bloomfield again?
    Spot on Ted!

  10. I’m always curius about what’s going on in Egg Harbor Township…That would be a good NJ town to add…

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