Montclair: Car Accident On Harrison & Llewellyn Aves.

carflipllewellynharrison.jpgTwo fire trucks, police and ambulances are on the scene of an accident at Harrison and Llewellyn Aves. The driver of the overturned car was conscious when he was placed on the stretcher for transport. No information about the cause of the accident has been released; onlookers at the scene are saying they heard the car flipped after being hit by another car, a white sedan, who they heard ran a red light.


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  1. I hope everyone is OK. This is a very tough intersection–you might remember that just a few months ago a woman and her child in a stroller were hit in the crosswalk.
    It’s only a flashing light, not a red light–it’s a stop sign for those on Llewellyn. Sightlines can be tough, and traffic is often moving very fast on Harrison. They do put cops along there periodically to catch speeders–I saw one this morning a little farther down Harrison–but this might be a good place for a real traffic light. It couldn’t be too hard to install it, as there’s already a flashing light there.

  2. Another upside down SUV. When will people learn to not drive trucks as commuter vehicles. They have a higher center of gravity than a car and thus more easily flipped. I have seen a good dozen accidents involving SUVs and they are always tipped over on their side or upside down.

  3. Harrison is quite the raceway and the stretch from Llewellyn to a block or two past the firehouse on Cedar has a lot of little ups and downs that make for bad sight lines.

  4. An allway stop might be better there, it would be a traffic calming device as well. Just hope they don’t install 15 mph bumps on another 25 mph road because of people that can’t learn how to drive.

  5. Pokey is absolutely right. A 4-way stop is definitely called for here. It would slow down the Harrison autobahn and prevent this sort of disaster. I was narrowly missed by a big box truck at that intersection. Took a few years off my life!
    Either that or make Llewellyn a one-way only, heading East toward Orange Rd.
    FWIW in SoCal, a flashing red light actually *meant* 4-way stop. Imagine my surprise the first time I navigated the intersection at Park and Walnut (before it was a real signal light) and the Park St traffic sailed right through! (so what’s the point of those flashing lights!?)

  6. When the light flashes red, that lane of traffic has to stop, then go when it’s safe. The side that flashes yellow means slow down, proceed with caution. Llewellyn already has to stop; Harrison is supposed to be careful–yeah, right.

  7. This is a VERY dangerous intersection. It is very hard to cross Llewellyn. Those cars are flying down Harrison. Stop light needed! Who do we call?

  8. I don’t know what the cause is, but people in NJ drive like crazeeee maniacs. Yellow lights are considered green, red lights are considered yellow. NO ONE SIGNALS. Ever. People sneaking in a left turn before the drivers going straight have cleared out. I’ve lived in a lot of places, and I’ve never seen drivers as out of control bad as I’ve seen here. And yes, I’ve lived in Boston, and no, the drivers there are nowhere near as flat out homicidal as they are here. I’m surprised there aren’t many more accidents than there are. Drivers in NJ need to use their brains, take it easy, and obey the rules of the road. Maybe better driver education from the start is in order? I don’t know. I just know it’s god-awful driving around here.

  9. jcb, you are absolutely right. Since moving here 20 years ago, I have formed the belief that the NJ DMV actually distributes driver licenses through boxes of Cracker Jacks, and Lucky Charms.
    Any State that conducts road tests in a parking lot should expect a fleet of Bad Drivers!

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