Montclair’s “Cooling Centers” Get Workout

essexpool2.jpgThis was the scene around 6:50, minutes before closing at Montclair’s Essex Pool. Says staff member Andy, “Around this time at the end of the day, you normally would see about 10 people in the pool.” Tonight, I counted more than 50 or so, in the pool or drying off nearby, soaking up the last few minutes of heat relief. Eric, another staff member, told me the pool was “slammed today. We had over 500 people come through the gates.” According to Andy and Eric, if they got slammed, Mountainside and Nishuane should have seen even higher numbers.
Were you at a pool in Baristaville today? Tell us where you went for a dip — town and pool — in comments (and if it’s your own, invite us over!)
And if you are/were without power, we’re updating outages in Baristaville here.

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  1. I was at Mountainside, and it was pretty empty between 1 o’clock and 2:30. . . I was able to grab an umbrella and three lounge chairs!

  2. I’d love to use the Mountainside pool. My train got me home at 7:00 and since I can’t use the pool in the evening with shortened hours, I have decided to skip buying a pass this year. Even though the town could have gotten money from myself and my husband by increasing fees a little, they will now get nothing from working couples who only want to use the pool in the evening.

  3. I was teaching an undergraduate research course and then commuting from Jersey City. College classroom was air conditioned so it was pretty cool.
    No swimming, though.

  4. I managed to spend the afternoon at the Colony pool in Chatham, waiting for AAA after my alternator went. I had to press through 15 minutes of driving with no AC and windows that wouldn’t open, but I made it. The shady pool club was as close to heaven as you can get in this heat.

  5. Same here too. I don’t see why they couldn’t have opened an hour later in order to allow the pools to remain open late enough for the working folk. It’s a shame b/c I would have gladly paid more than the $50 per person fee, but certainly can’t afford to pay for the private club with better hours.

  6. Why should all of the pools have the same hours? Why not have an early pool and a late pool? Why not save money by closing each pool one day per week? There would still be two pools open every day.
    Today’s economic conditions call for creative ways to mitigate the results of the necessary cuts.

  7. You’d think the pools could stay open a little later just to get us through this weather emergency.

  8. Was in Essex pool and it was crowded, but everyone was loving it – lots of laughing and fun. Great to have a respite from the heat. And with kids on swings in the kiddie park just outside, and a “bowling for kids” event happening in the rink adjoining the pool, it was quite a busy scene.

  9. Went to Essex pool for the last 3 days. It was crowded yesterday, but lots of fun. Saw the thermometer by the entrance read over 100. The water is getting so warm that it is not that refreshing, but that means the kids can stay in the pool for hours without the goosebumps they got on Saturday.

  10. I guess that answers my question about Montclair pools and non resident membership? I’ve been looking for a pool to join and none of the surrounding towns seem to want Bloomfield residents?What’s up with that? I agree that with the shortage of funds why not open the pool to Bloomfield? I’d gladly pay the fee.

  11. Yes I should have mentioned that GR does appear to allow non residents to join. But the $1200 non refundable one time fee on top of the $750 annual charge per family is a pretty tough pill to swallow. I know it’s a privately funded pool but $1200? Really? Could I pay it? Yes, but compared to all the neighboring pools it is pretty steep. I might look into it anyway although I expect I’ll end up on a waiting list.

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