Newark Schoolyard Slayer Gets 245 Years

Rodolfo Godinez, convicted in the 2007 schoolyard murders of three Delaware State University Students and the attempted murder of a fourth, has been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences plus twenty years – a total of 245 years — and would not be eligible for parole for 216 years.
Iofemi Hightower, 20, Dashon Harvey, 20 and Terrance Aeriel, 18, were all murdered in cold blood in the schoolyard of Newark’s Mount Vernon School, very close to the border of South Orange, on Aug. 4, 2007. Natasha Aerie, now 22, survived the shooting.

Acting Essex County Prosecutor Robert Laurino said in a press release, “Today Rodolfo Godinez had his first taste of true justice. His sentence of over two centuries in state prison is fitting for the horrific crime that he committed but that dose of justice is bittersweet to the Harvey, Hightower and Aeriel families. No sentence can ever bring back their loved ones. Our hearts remain with them.”

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  1. (Getting on my bulletproof suit here)I am a believer in the death penalty for murderers. It is a waste of resources to house this lowest form of human life in prison until his natural death.

  2. Your tax dollars are going to keep him. Where’s the good old electric chair? Micro-wave time.
    What’s the cost of a couple 45-caliber shots?
    My bible states “An Eye For An Eye…..”

  3. This is why he’s “acting”:
    “Acting Essex County Prosecutor Robert Laurino said… “Today Rodolfo Godinez had his first taste of true justice. His sentence of over two centuries in state prison is fitting…”
    Can someone tell Mr. Laurino, that the average life expectancy for a minority is about 75 years, NOT “two centuries.” So his dumb idea that TWO CENTURIES is fitting is, well, dumb.
    No. I’d let them rot alone in a cell for 10 years (1 hour out a day, the prof isn’t THAT mean), AND THEN hang their asses. Or firing squad, or electric chair– none of that lethal injection sh*t.
    I also offer up my time to hang, shot or flip the switch!!
    (Because, even though it must be horrific, one still has a life in prison, which is something they took from those poor kids…)

  4. Perhaps NJ can lend some of the overly abundant prison time given in this case to CA where a cop will get at most 4 years for shooting a guy in the back.

  5. I’m not sure where I heard or read this, but I’m under the impression that it is cheaper to keep these freaks alive due to the lengthy appeals process then to fight for the right to string them up.

  6. Sadly, that above, is so true.
    Sometimes other jailbirds inflect their own punishment on kid killers.

  7. Good point Sandy, so rather than rely on our current system for retribution, we have to hope for “jailhouse justice.”

  8. Prof, obviously the 245-year sentence is a symbolic one since no one, minority or otherwise, lives that long. That just illustrates how heinous this crime was.
    And good for the judge…finally, justice is served.

  9. MR,
    You’re right….
    ….. I understand that the 245 is cumulative of each life taken, my issue is the idea that 245 is “fitting.” So, 150 would not be?
    Either way, these sob’s will NEVER see the outside again.
    I’m just sorry that our system is so screwed up that a Prosecutor could, at a press conference to constituents utter such a dumb statement. Rather, he should have went with the standard, “justice was done.”
    Instead this fool wants me to think that a number a years that is THREE TIMES the average life expectancy is “fitting.”
    Life with no chance of parole is “fitting.”

  10. The whole situation is really sad. 3 dead kids and a subhuman who gets to live his soulless life out using state tax money. Maybe every time the jail gets to capacity they should gas the building. They all have it comin.

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