Singin’ the Blues in West Orange: 1st Annual Blues Fest, 7/3

WO.jpgBring your blanket/chair and appetite down to Colgate Park this Saturday, July 3rd from 6:30-9:45pm for the 1st Annual Downtown West Orange Blues Festival. Admission is FREE.
Five neighborhood restaurants — Taste of the Caribbean, Fogon Latino, Egan & Sons, Olga & Juanita’s Deli and Pepe’s Barbecue — will be selling food at the Taste of Downtown Food Court, so come for dinner and enjoy the sounds of these local blues bands:
Charlie Jones
Kevin Kiley & The Outpatients
Big Mike and the Perpetrators
The event is presented by the WO Recreation Department and Downtown West Orange Alliance. Information: Denise Esposito, 973-325-4109

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  1. Wait… a town-sponsored music event that isn’t targeted to an 80+ demographic?
    Checked out a couple of the bands on MySpace and they sound good–hoping to make it over there for part of this.

  2. Now I’m in total shock. A blues festival in West Orange! Not that this isn’t shocking enough, but the occurance of West Orange news, being included in these posts, that got my attention. It would certainly be even more amazing to see a news item, from that distant township, just over the first Watchung mountain. I think it’s called Verona. I’m originally from there, but, I was drawn here, to the center of universe, well over 30 years ago, because the grass always looked greener to me, from that mountain top view.

  3. I went last night and it was pretty good. I got there as the 1st band was playing (Kevin Kiley & The Outpatients) who had a good sound, wandered around a bit had excellent oxtails, beans & rice, plantains and sauteed cabbage from some Caribbean vendor (sorry I forgot the name but they are located on Main St in WO).
    Next came a KICK ASS band called Big Mike & THe Perpertrators and they were AWESOME! I would definitely pay money to go see them again!
    The last band I did not like at all, The Charlie Jones Band – hardly any blues so I upped and left early.
    But for a free/local event it was fun!

  4. Hear, hear, from another West Orange-ite…(West Orangian?)
    I have lived here for about 3 years now and I have to say it’s a pretty cool town, with the exception of Pleasantdale Center, which could use a shot in the arm.
    Diverse, close to main arteries, some pretty decent places to eat, nice neighbors, artsy-fartsy stuff if you know where to look. Also, rules and regulations about parking and what you can and cannot do on your property (i.e., composting) are more relaxed here than in other towns in which I’ve lived.

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