Clifton Animal Hoarder Creates Desperate Situation

Sunday, Aug 08, 2010 5:29pm  |  COMMENTS (17)

A reader named Lisa, who volunteers at the Clifton Animal Shelter, related an awful story about a dog hoarder in Clifton. The shelter desperately needs help.

Here is a link to the news story:
Dog Hoarder

The animals have to be evaluated to see if they are even healthy enough to be put up for adoption, but I was wondering if you could ask our Baristanet family if they could find it in their hearts to donate or help with supplies. Thanks for getting the word out.

Please contact the shelter directly if you are able to help.


  1. POSTED BY Karen Banda  |  August 08, 2010 @ 8:00 pm

    I read about this in the Ledger. What do they need exactly?

  2. POSTED BY KatebirdRex  |  August 08, 2010 @ 8:01 pm

    Ugh. This kind of story breaks my heart–the faces of those poor dogs in the photos are haunting. I hope each one can be restored to health soon so they can go home with loving families.
    The Clifton Shelter link in the post above brings you to a PayPal donation site where it’s very easy to donate, which I just did myself. Here’s the info from the site about what the shelter is requesting in terms of supplies:
    •Purina Puppy Chow
    •Pedigree Little Champions
    •Ceramic Food Dishes-low/small sizes
    •Paper Towels
    •Frontline-mainly 0-22lbs
    •Wee Wee Pads

  3. POSTED BY Karen Banda  |  August 08, 2010 @ 8:01 pm

    Never mind. I just clicked on the link for the Shelter and saw the list.

  4. POSTED BY Deborah Broide  |  August 09, 2010 @ 12:53 am

    What a truly horrific story. Thanks for putting up the link
    to the shelter. Just donated. I really hope that some of those dogs
    can be saved. What is the matter with people? (I know, it’s a stupid question, but any sort of animal abuse just makes me nuts).

  5. POSTED BY b squared  |  August 09, 2010 @ 1:25 am

    Just donated too.

  6. POSTED BY Mrs. Martta123  |  August 09, 2010 @ 7:04 am

    It’s a mental illness. Still, it’s hard for me to feel sympathy for her when you see the condition of some of the animals. Plus, if men have to enter your house wearing hazmat suits…ugh! How did her friends and family let things deteriorate like this?

  7. POSTED BY hrhppg  |  August 09, 2010 @ 7:40 am

    I have a friend with a mild case of hoarding. He lives in filth and denial. If you try and help him clean he will argue to the death his need for the junk. He actually got weepy once over out of date software books – weepy- and the only way i could get rid of them was to let him put an ad on craigslist for whatever other hoarding freak would want to come by and grab them.

  8. POSTED BY JBS  |  August 09, 2010 @ 9:20 am

    The woman is in need of compassion too. I imagine that in her own mind, she thought she was taking care of these dogs and saving them from a worse fate. But as Mrs. Martta says, where were the friends and family? Perhaps she has none and, if so, more compassion is needed.

  9. POSTED BY monty  |  August 09, 2010 @ 10:27 am

    I agree with jbs. This woman needs help, she is mentally ill. She most certainly, as JBS pointed out, thought she was saving these dogs. Hoarders form emotional attachments to objects. As hrhppg pointed out, these people simply cannot get rid of ordinary trash.
    I LOVE dogs and feel awful for these poor animals. My own dog was rescued from a puppy mill. But I have tremendous compassion for this woman who did not have the ability or resources to care for herself. I’m am sure she was/is suffering tremendously as well. This is totally different from a case of deliberate animal abuse. I actually wish I could give her a hug, as I am sure that by now she has been subjected to an overwhelming amount of (very public) scorn.

  10. POSTED BY Nellie  |  August 10, 2010 @ 9:09 am

    Animal hoarders are not able to acknowledge that the animals are being kept in horrific conditions. They deny it again and again….I have sympathy for the woman but, at the some time, feel furious when I see the condition of the dogs. It’s possible friends and family tried to help her but she pushed them away…

  11. POSTED BY cncrnd  |  August 10, 2010 @ 11:00 am

    Seems to be a rash of similar cases in the news over the past few months. Always the same story that no one had a clue as to the conditions inside the home. The “owner” looked normal as seen briefly on the video, driving a clean, fairly recent model, SUV. Can’t imagine that she could go anywhere in public without inducing vomiting after having been in the house!?! Terrible for the dogs, and the woman needs serious mental help.

  12. POSTED BY Mrs. Martta123  |  August 10, 2010 @ 11:14 am

    I understand that hoarding is a mental illness but seriously, does something happen to your olfactory sense as well? How could this woman possibly live in that house? The police and rescue workers described the stench as intolerable.

  13. POSTED BY cncrnd  |  August 10, 2010 @ 12:06 pm

    This is going to sound strange and I haven’t attempted to verify the details, but there was an instance of cat hoarding involving a couple in Saddle River a few years ago. The incident got more press than usual because it was a large house in a very wealthy neighborhood.
    As in all of these cases speculation as to the causes was rampant. One item struck me as particularly interesting. I seem to recall mention of a parasitic illness specifically regarding cats in which the human has a part in the life cycle. Again, no science here, but the parasite travels from the cat, through the excreta, somehow through the human, and back to the cat. The human exhibits no visible symptoms other than a neurologically induced tolerance and imperviousness to the stench, and an inexplicable willlingness to have cats around. Essentially the human ennables the parasitic life cycle to propagate. Call it “cat lady syndrome.”

  14. POSTED BY Mrs. Martta123  |  August 10, 2010 @ 12:11 pm

    Interesting…I heard about the cat woman from Saddle River. Animal Planet had done something on animal hoarders and she was in it. You’re right, the house was a mansion and had to be totally gutted. Unreal.

  15. POSTED BY hrhppg  |  August 10, 2010 @ 1:27 pm

    The denial these people have runs so deep I’m sure that house smelled fine to the woman living in it.
    With the amount of people that agree to do shows like Hoarders and Clean House imagine how many people live like this and we will never ever know about it.

  16. POSTED BY Mrs. Martta123  |  August 10, 2010 @ 1:33 pm

    I thought the same thing.
    The show “Hoarders” once featured a woman who wouldn’t throw out her spoiled and rotten food. You can imagine what her house smelled like. Didn’t seem to bother her, though.

  17. POSTED BY hrhppg  |  August 10, 2010 @ 1:46 pm

    I don’t have cable so I didn’t see that Mrs M, but I did read that one of the people on that show had a fridge full of old food they had tapped shut.
    So when they were taping it shut it didn’t occur to them to throw the old food out ? Or even the whole fridge ?

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