Montclair a Coolest Suburb? Yeah, We Knew

montclair coolest suburb.jpgNews flash from Travel + Leisure Magazine: Montclair is one of the coolest suburbs in America. It might even be worth, you know, a side trip if you’re visiting New York. Among Montclair’s claims to coolness are: The New York Times’ David Carr (we’re sure you’ll meet him if you come over for a visit), the Wellmont, Montclair State University and the Montclair Art Museum, as well as “funky shops.”
Ho hum. Picking Montclair as one of the coolest suburbs in America is like shooting ducks in barrel. Here’s a job for you Travel + Leisure, pick the coolest suburb of Montclair.

Look, we’re not disputing that Montclair is cool. But does it have its own version of Woodstock? Gay trivia nights? Or a skate park?
Tell us what you think the coolest town in Baristaville is. And, while you’re at it, your favorite place.

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  1. The coolest suburb of Montclair is Brooklyn, followed by the Upper West Side. The only difference is that Brooklyn and Manhattan have adult leadershhip.

  2. This is not something that Travel & Leisure would know, but if you are a local, hard to dispute that Glen Ridge is the coolest town in the area. It’s Montclair minus the 94th ranked school system in the state. They benefit from everything that Montclair has to offer inclusive of the restaurants, theater, etc, no town politics, and have the 4th ranked school system in the state for the same price. That is pretty cool.

  3. That is a strange photo.Also, no offense to Mr.Carr, but is he really one of our claims to “coolness”? I would think that having a world class Iris garden is cool and one of my favorite places.

  4. I’m a big fan of academic excellence, NoCorzine, but having sent two boys thru Montclair HS and on to fine colleges, I can definitely tell you that many Glen Ridge high school kids really, really want to borrow your car keys, Dad, to head up the hill and hang with those Montclair kids, because, as Travel + Leisure writes, that’s the cooler town.

  5. Spiro, you are fortunate that your children made it through the caldron that is MHS. Many good kids have entered, somehow got mixed in with some bad seeds, and left four years later headed down a dead end road. That is the risk, the top 75% of MHS kids do well, the bottom 25% is a mess. And GR and Montclair kids don’t hang out together unless they are hanging on the boarder at Smashburger.

  6. NoCorzine, Smashburger didn’t exist when my kids were in HS, so that’s a new bit of info.
    But those girls were here, believe me, and frequently.
    Anyway, my older son wound up falling for a Clifton girl, and they’re still together.

  7. Montclair cool? That’s about the silliest thing I’ve heard in a while. It’s not even a good college town. It’s fantastic if you can live the high life but does that make it cool?
    The Wellmont is not cool. The funk is gone if it was ever there.

  8. Wise men count their blessings.
    Fools count their problems.
    Compared to most ‘burbs in the US, Montclair has lots o’ blessings….its ok to be happy about that.
    BTW – Its great that GR residents come and “benefit from all that Montclair has to offer”…come spend your money and support our businesses. Its all good.

  9. I rented my first apt in Sept of 1973 on Trinity Pl in Montclair down the street from Hahne’s. I loved Montclair then and still do…has always been a fun town.
    Where are the Republicans?

  10. GR is the coolest town, yet they “benefit from everything that Montclair has to offer inclusive of the restaurants, theater, etc.???” All that says is that GR has a much better school system and is NEAR the coolest town

  11. Nellie, we need to set bebopgun on a better path.
    You and I should dress up in Haband elastowaist polyester trousers, with a patent leather belts, white socks and sandals, and spandex tops with front pockets and pocket protectors, and stand in front of him.
    That should do it.

  12. I hope you have money to get us out of the slammer when the fashion police arrest us…
    Judge: I hereby sentence you to three years of wearing Haband polyester pants.

  13. Actually Ice, my business here in town should be an interesting indicator of trends. The 30 somethings moving in are more conservative than the 50 somethings moving out. So you can be hopeful.
    And to think, the young ones want to work with ol’ Spiro the Pinko despite their political preferences.

  14. For a 20 something hipster, there’s nothing cooler than Haband elastowaist polyester trousers. Geek-wear is all the rage.
    White socks and sandals though–I don’t think anyone call pull that off.

  15. White socks and sandals though–I don’t think anyone call pull that off.
    Maybe with a ponytail, bebop

  16. So, according to NoCorzine, Glen Ridge’s main selling point is proximity to Montclair “and all it has to offer” other than the diversity of its politics and school system? That doesn’t sound cool, it sounds cold.

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