Out to the Country for the Hunterdon County Fair

Linda Sercus, the Executive Director of the Essex County Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, has been looking for “green” solutions to weed control. She’s been doing some research into goats–that’s right, goats! But where to find weed-eating goats in Montclair? Well, we couldn’t. So Linda asked me if I wanted to drive out to the Hunterdon County Fair in Hunterdon Ringoes, NJ. It’s here through Sunday, August 29 – that’s today – and open till 10 p.m.

So if you are up for a road trip and want to enjoy a fun day of watching 4-H Club prize-winning rabbits, turkeys, goats, sheep, horses, cows and more (including the national touring stage show of “Beatlemania, Again” at 1 p.m.) it’s not a quick drive, but it’s definitely a fun trip. And on the way back, we stopped at the Mehlick Family Farm Stand, and stocked up on the most delicious fresh produce, homemade peach pie, and beautiful, pick-your-own zinnias and sunflowers.
Story and photos by Fran Liscio.

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  1. Goats have a lot of potential! Maybe we can get a flock to help us with trash at the parks and parking lots! Just got back from 30 minutes of picking up trash at Watchung Plaza. Got more done in those 30 minutes than trying for 30 hours to convince the town to do it!
    Next stop will be pruning and removal of the dead bushes. Do any of the goats do that?

  2. We’ll be glad to share info as we continue to learn more about this possibility. Apparently certain plants, such as rhodendrons, are poisonous to goats, but other plants, like knotweed, are fine. There are numerous advantages to using goats, if properly done: the goats love it, it’s ecologically sound, it takes less time than traditional methods of weeding, and it costs quite a bit less.

  3. Hunterdon is the name of the county, but as the website says the fair is in Ringoes, NJ. Please don’t try to drive to “Hunterdon, NJ” because you won’t be in the right place. That’s like saying something is in Essex, NJ just because it is somewhere in Essex County. Come on.

  4. Really, Fran? That’s interesting, I’d love to hear more about the topic. The goats would be in heaven at the Upper Montclair business district–the weeds there are out of control and they really detract from a pretty and quaint retail area. Montclair Center seems to have less weeds for some reason. I don’t understand why the town doesn’t plant some drought tolerant ground cover perennials, i.e. sedum and cranesbill, in many of the beds that are overgrown with crabgrass. Cranesbill blooms spring-fall and is very hardy. I’ll plant with you, Cary!
    Croiagusanam, I heard clotty would also be at the dolt dunking booth. After he returns from Beckapalooza, of course.

  5. oops, sorry about that mistake–saying it’s in Hunterdon and not Ringoes. That was my fault, not the Baristas.Thank you for pointing it out, bejeezer!

  6. We went to the fair on Saturday. It was great to see so many young 4H members engaged in raising animals. We were also tempted by the display of chicken coops for sale…Montclair United Chicken Keepers (MUCK), you may have some new members!

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