Overscheduling Kids: Yes or No?

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DSC_0118.JPGRegistration for fall classes at the Montclair Little Y began on Monday. Meanwhile, the brochures for everything from tennis lessons to dancing school are piling up in my mailbox. Every year at this time, I wonder how many classes my preschoolers should take. I don’t want to overschedule my kids. But is it possible to underschedule them?
My sister-in-law puts her kids in soccer twice a week. I asked her, “Why soccer?” She said, “Doesn’t everyone do soccer?”
Meanwhile, my best friend doesn’t sign her 4-year-old up for anything. She says preschool costs more than enough. Most of my other friends do at least one organized activity from Taekwondo to private music instruction.
Researchers have recently stated that kids aren’t overscheduled. Kids who do up to 20 hours of organized activities (this pertains to big kids, of course) tend to be more well adjusted than kids who don’t do anything at all.
But what about the youngest ones? How much stuff should a 4-year-old do? I have to figure it out soon. Around here, kids’ classes–especially the ones at the Little Y–fill up fast.


  1. POSTED BY HappyMom  |  August 31, 2010 @ 8:15 pm

    My 4-year-old son does a few classes at the Little-Y each session, because he enjoys them and is a very active child. He only goes to school three days a week so that he can do the extra activities. I personally feel that while school is important, a well rounded child is equally important. There are things the Y has to offer that he can’t get at school, like sports classes, building classes and swim. He’s very happy, energetic and social and I strongly feel much of that has to do with his Y classes.

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