Talk About Your Commutes From Hell

If Clever Commute didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it. Today. Riders with iPhones and BlackBerries have been churning out bad commuting news all morning. Midtown Direct trains from the Maplewood and Montclair areas have been diverted to Hoboken since about 8 a.m. due to an Amtrak power problem at Penn Station. And Hoboken is no picnic.

Hoboken VERY crowded…be prepared to wait (e.g., 30 min) for PATH

Tell us what your commute this morning was like, or better yet, send a picture.

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  1. I thought I saw jerseygurl at Hoboken, cowering behind one of the ticket machines as the crowd pushed past her.

  2. Very depressing. For the first time all summer, I had to wear long pants because it’s so cold out. 🙂

  3. I’m with you, Spiro (only on this though 0;)
    I did however, have a heavy traffic jam on the steps- 2 cats, a kid and wife all trying to come down as I was headed up.
    I had to back down 5 steps, let them pass, then proceed.
    It added about 12 seconds to my commute.

  4. I got lucky this morning. I happened to be standing on the correct side of the PATH train when the doors opened to off-load passengers at Hoboken so it was easy to load on before the doors on the other side opened.
    Still crazy crowded, though.

  5. I’m the guy that started Clever Commute.
    I’m blown away. What started as a network of 5 commuting buddies has become a part of the fabric of the daily commute for over 10,000 people.
    We’re seeing a ton of new sign-ups…and message volumes are way up…all across the network.
    Did you see the problems on LIRR last night? What a week.
    Also, here on Baristanet…you can see the commuter alerts in real-time (go to the top-right area of the home page and click on “Clever Commute NEW” )

  6. My only commuting issue this morning was a repeat of the issue I was having yesterday morning. Dealing with those drivers that refuse to turn on their headlights, even when their windshield wipers are swishing away. Maybe if the violation of N.J.S.A. 39:3-47a was enforced more often…

  7. I had to commute today from my computer room to the library (not the Bellevue branch) to print some info. out for some freelance work I’m doing…My printer seems to be kaput at the moment.
    I guess one of these days, I should get a real job again and have a real commute.

  8. “I guess one of these days, I should get a real job again and have a real commute.”
    Be careful. Your wish may come true.

  9. Mac, I thought I was the only one who noticed that yesterday. I am almost to the point where I want to hit one of them, and then sue them for not having their lights on. How dumb are people? It’s practically dark, it’s difficult to see well in the rain, your car is the same color gray as the pavement, and you don’t think to turn the dang lights on??!
    p.s. all of you, bragging about your upstairs/downstairs commute — Stifle, willya?!!

  10. Savor the ability to work at home, Nellie! My new company doesn’t allow work at home days, and, boy, am I missing them!!
    Commute was hellish this morning. I fell peacefully asleep on the (surprise double-decker) train only to be rudely awakened 40 minutes later by a message announcing that we were re-routing to Hoboken. PATH was jammed, there was an announcement for “turnstile maintenance” to come through (followed by groans from would-be passengers), and then a very crowded PATH ride to 33rd street, during which I was squished between an extremely pregnant lady and a very tall man who apparently does not embrace this trend called “deodorant.” FUN.

  11. What a great week not to be teaching in Jersey City and not dealing with buses, Newark Light Rail and PATH! As for the lack of deoderant phenom, I am short and spend many rides stuck in the armpit of some offender (usually male). I often ask if the person would mind lowering his stinky pit and very rarely is my wish granted. The there are the backpack jammers and important malepurse smackers. I just take my annoying rolling backpack and shove it right infront of me. But I digress.
    Happy trails to all!

  12. hey josh – check your website because it wont let people sign up.
    As for the decamp commute – no problems at all. Haven’t met a rude driver yet despite all the stuff I hear about them. Bus actually gets in early.
    As for NJT? Well they always sucked and still do, as does the hellhole station they arrive at. Granted, Port Authority is no prize but Penn Station is an abomination and an embarrassment for a city like NY.

  13. WHAT!? how can this be? no one complaining about DeCamp? usually, ANY commuting gripe elicits some grousing, no matter how tangential. Not even blaming them for the rain on Monday?! Let’s all join hands and shout “Harrambee!”

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