Baristaville Poet Wins More Summer

The weather was way too hot
Three days’ vacation – that’s all I got
I’m mad as a hatter
I need the Mad Batter
It’s the perfect vacation spot!

Congratulations to the Baristanet commenter known as twainfan, whose short and clever rhyme charmed the staff of the Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar/Carroll Villa Hotel and won our “Extend my NJ Summer” contest.

Mark Kulkowitz, owner of the iconic Cape May business also found two other entries worthy of honorable mention, and will offer additional prizes — in the form of $25 gift certificates — to commenters DCTraveler and Howard Beale.

Kulkowitz and his staff wish all of Baristaville an endless summer — at least in spirit — and hopes you’ll take a trip down to Exit 0 very soon. If you do, let him know you’re there. Thanks to all who entered.

POSTED BY DCTraveler | AUGUST 24, 2010 @ 11:27 AM I am writing this from my bed in the intensive care unit where I was taken after falling out of a tree trying to rescue a kitten. After having been fired from my job of 40 years to be replaced by a worker in Lower Slobovia, I have dedicated my life to helping cute animals, orphans and widows. The last 5 years, I have worked at this endevor 120 hours a week without a vacation or bathroom break. My dear wife has also been fired and spends her days knitting mittens for all of the other unemployed people in Montclair. What little money we make is donated to all of the charities that the judges of this contest like.

POSTED BY Howard Beale | AUGUST 24, 2010 @ 9:39 AM | Hey, I know that place! Love the awnings. My wife and I were in Cape May for our anniversary in late May on the 5K race weekend. We decided to get up early on a beautiful Sunday for breakfast and couldn’t get near the Mad Batter. I think one of your wait staff deserve the mini vacation.

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