Health Love & Soul Juice Bar to Replace Hot Dogs

In a drastic shift of dietary offerings, the former (and short-lived) site of Hot Diggities will soon be a juice bar. Health Love & Soul (HLS), which is currently a Maplewood favorite, is expected to open sometime in the next two weeks, bringing a health conscious menu including wraps, salads and — of course — fresh juices and shakes.

After nearly closing their doors for good a couple of years ago, HLS has met with such success in Maplewood that it is now able to open a second location. According to comments on the restaurant’s web site, HLS provides a friendly face behind the counter who greets a regular customer by name and knows her order by heart.

Head chef and manager of HLS, Juliean Broadie, told Baristanet that the restaurant was previously located in Montclair, but they moved a year and half ago. “We think Montclair is a great community,” Broadie said. “We’ve been looking to return and when the opportunity opened we took it. We’re looking forward to coming back.”

387 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair

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  1. I always hope a business survives and I wish them luck but with a name like that, I’ll pass. You see , where I was raised if you ever told anyone you went to a place called health , love and Soul you would have been taken out behind the school and had your %^% kicked. I’ll stick to the Hot Grill , Dicky D’s and Rutts , mans food. I do seriously wish them well though.

  2. HLS is mighty tasty. It’d be a pity to miss out because you had the misfortune of growing up in Wedon’tmakeanysenseville.

  3. @Herb. At least when you get taken out behind school they won’t make you eat grass! (Just show your receipt that you’ve already eaten it) I hope that slice of orange comes with your bill, like in Chinese restaurants. HLS sounds like Eat, Pray, & Love. I hope it fails and is replaced by a hot dog stand, which is replaced by a jamba juice and the cycle continues

  4. I’m becoming a broken record with the last post I made to another article being the same subject, but WHY isn’t the address in the body of the article?!! I often scan articles for the pertinent info like the address (or future address as this case). Just offering links so that the reader has to don a detective cap just to find the necessary info is not helpful.

  5. It’s like that old Rodney Daingerfield joke, Nellie:

    “I drink too much, way too much.
    I gave the doctor a urine specimen – there was an olive in it!”

  6. Wishing failure on a new business–very nice. Hopefully the owners of the cafe don’t get the impression that the comments here represent the community as a whole.

    I’m really excited that I’ll have a new healthy option for lunch or a snack when I’m at my office, and I wish them nothing but success. We have plenty of burger joints in the Montclair area, but not many options like HLS. They’ll be a welcome addition to downtown.

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