Hot From The Kettle: Wine Tasting at Amanti Vino


A funny thing happened on the way to the Wellmont. I was enjoying pre-show dinner at one of our local BYO’s, when just after my salad arrived, I poured the final drop of wine from my bottle.  It was my folly to have brought only one bottle, but what to do? Drink water? No. Call Amanti Vino?  Yes.  So I did.  Remarkably, right on time, a new bottle appeared at our table.

Amanti Vino, 30 Church St., Montclair, is not your typical wine shop, nor is Sharon Sevrens (pictured below) who received her MBA from the Wharton School, your typical wine shop owner. Though the past few years have not been kind to Church Street businesses, Amanti Vino, has not only survived, but since its October 2005 opening, has doubled in size, and more than doubled in revenue.  Why? Outstanding customer service, and quality product at the right price.

In addition to delivery service Amanti Vino also offers complimentary wine chilling that will bring any wine to the temperature desired in under five minutes.  Amanti Vino was designed to be unique and aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining a customer friendly, unpretentious atmosphere.  Custom designed chandeliers (shown above) are suspended on each side of the shop,  casting a bright, yet diffused light overhead.   The shelving clearly displays the bottles, making selection and comparison very easy for the consumer.

Belying its name, wine isn’t all  Amanti Vino carries.  The shop carries a formidable stock of  artisanal spirits  and craft beers, including Jersey’s own micro-brew, Cricket Hill.

Sharon, and Amanti Vino’s General Manager, Will Sugerman (pictured below), a Vassar Graduate,  are consummate business people and wine professionals, dedicated to wine education.  The Wine School at Amanti Vino,  a bright, lofty space, located on the second floor of the shop, offers classes for wine lovers of all skill levels. Amanti Vino is also the only Approved Program Provider for the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, and offers classes and qualifications for enthusiasts and those in the ‘trade.’  In further effort to educate their customer base, Amanti Vino maintains a remarkably informative blog.

In preparation for this weekend’s Summit Wine and Food Festival I thought it appropriate to take a little primer on wine tasting.  Want to brush up on your wine knowledge?  Watch the video below:

On Saturday, October 23rd,  from 7:30pm to 11:00pm (6:30pm VIP Admission) Amanti Vino will be hosting an Oktoberfest at the Wellmont Theatre, 7 Seymour St., Montclair. The festivities will include craft brews, specially selected wines, food from local restaurants, and live music!  Plus, it’s for charity. All proceeds will be donated to Intensive Therapeutics, a non-profit, charitable organization that provides group and individual occupational therapy services to children with special needs.

Have you ever shopped Amanti Vino?  How was your experience?  Are you going to Oktoberfest?

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  1. I wonder if they have any Glatt-Kosher Wines for Sukkot / Simchat Torah?
    Did the owner mention such? I usually buy it in Millburn. Church Street would be closer.

  2. I “heart” Amanti Vino!! They are by far hands down one of the best wine stores around. I have gone to several wine tastings there and have even taken (and passed!) the first of the WSET courses and am waiting for the next course to be offered. Like Sharon, I am doing this as a hobby (although I seriously doubt that I will quit my job!) and to educate myself on the different varieties of wine out there.

    Everyone in the store is extremely friendly and Knowledgeable, I never feel like I am asking a “dumb” question and quite honestly I feel like they treat everyone with just a little extra TLC. So much nicer than going to a “big box” wine store. Not there is anything bad with them, they do serve a purpose but I really enjoying buying most of my wine at Amanti.

    Yes I am going to Oktoberfest – I can’t wait!

  3. Amanti vino is my favorite local wine store, in large part because Sharon is excellent at matching wine with food. She’s also great about getting to know her customers and their likes/dislikes and is able to make thoughtful recommendations.

  4. While I am not a wine drinker, I do like Amanti Vino. They have given me great suggestions for gifts for wine drinking friends, and when some genius tasked me, the person who has maybe one glass of wine per year, with bringing wine for Thanksgiving, their recommendations were spot on. Everyone loved the wines they recommended in my price range, and they carry such a wide variety and are helpful in sorting through it. I can see why they’ve been successful.

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