Memorials and Services For 9/11

This Saturday marks the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  To honor of those who lost their lives in the national tragedy, “Essex County Remembers” will take place Saturday at the Essex County Eagle Rock September 11th Memorial in West Orange. The annual ceremony begins at 8 a.m. The brief program will include family members of those who perished in the attacks, the placing of memorial wreaths at the monument and the raising of a new American flag. A string quartet will continue to perform chamber music until 2 p.m. at the memorial site.

Montclair will also host its own annual memorial service on Saturday morning. The ceremony will be held at 8:30 a.m. in Watchung Plaza.

St. John’s Epsicopal Church (55 Montclair Ave., Montclair) , as it did in the days following 9/11/01, will have its Labyrinth Walk open for meditation and prayer.

Last year, 9/11 was officially designated a National Day of Service and Remembrance. If you’re interested in participating in community service as a tribute to those who passed in the 9/11 attacks, 9/11 Day of Service offers opportunities locally. In Little Falls, a town-wide day of service will take place, with community volunteers and MSU students working on projects including cleaning along the banks of the  Passaic river. In Maplewood, First Aid Squad has organized an Emergency Services 5K Walk.

Let us know how you’ll be recognizing the ninth anniversary of the attacks in comments.

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  1. The Essex Running Club will host its annual the Eagle Rock 9/11 Memorial Run, leaving from Grove Pharmacy (123 Grove St, Montclair) at 7:00 am on Sunday, Sept. 12. There will be a shorter run (6 miles) and a longer run (15 miles). Both go up Crest Drive (“Snake Hill”) to the 9/11 Memorial in Eagle Rock Reservation, where runners can stop to pray or meditate. Parking is available in the school parking lot across from the pharmacy. Directions and maps will be provided. There will be several water/gatorade stops along the way and drinks/refreshments afterward. The run is open to anyone.

    Here are the routes:

  2. Regarding the photo of the memorial at Eagle Rock, I was just thinking last night about the amazing memorial created by members of the community that was previously there. It was truly an incredible labor of love and extremely personal response. This photo reminded me again what a shame it was to lose that and have it replaced with something that I’m sure was well intentioned but could never evoke anything as genuine as its predecessor. The inscribed marble with names of those lost is lovely but the rest of it, especially the statues, are in my opinion ridiculous and not particularly visually appealing.

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