Montclair’s Rachel Butera Wins Howard Stern Contest

Calling all Stern fans (and warning: if you’re not, you won’t want to click through the impression link). Montclair’s own Rachel Butera wins the Howard Stern Staff Impressions Contest and scores $5,000 for her impression of the Underdog Lady. We hear Butera beat four other contestants by a landslide in a phone-in vote. Here’s hoping she didn’t bring back any bedbugs. Butera has been doing her research a long time; in her video blog, she says she’s been a Stern listener for 16 years. Not a Stern fan? Tell us who you listen to in the morning.

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  1. I used to listen to Stern in the 1980s and 90s. Now I listen to John Gambling…geez, am I getting old or what? 🙂

    Not offended by Stern but his act is getting old.

  2. Stern lost his mojo around 1990. He got lazy, played to the lowest common denominator and hadn’t done an original bit for years. I hung in there until 1995 and bailed. I can’t believe his success. It’s got to be some kind of unholy contract conjured up in the ‘Homo Room’ with Earth Dog.

  3. I liked Stern until it turned into nothing but strippers. I listen to podcasts mostly know. The radio talk shows are all either far left or far right. I tend to listen to Bloomberg if anything or WBGO when they are not running their constant fund drives.

  4. Hey! Rachel Butera did an amazing job this morning on the Stern show doing an impression of Under Dog Lady. Be proud of your local resident winning a huge, national contest! And she was the ONLY female contestant! Thanks, Baristanet, for sharing this awesome news with the tons of readers you have. Pretty awesome!

  5. Butera is hysterical – She has an endless sea of voices and she’s sharp and quick with all of them – One thing Stern used to be brilliant at was putting together great skits and great voices – He got awayaway from that for years and I stopped listening – Butera took alot of us back to the old Stern years with Billy West and other great comedians when it was about alot more than strippers – I think his crew recognized that in her and thats why they were so excited about her – We have ourselves a very talented funny person right here in Montclair

  6. She was great. Her material was amazing and had me laughing out loud!!!

    Those “Stern was great back in…” are the same bunch who say, “SNL was great back in…” What happens is shows grow and change, sadly, some want things to stay the same forever.

    Oh, well.

    To that, this Stern listener since 1982, I know the show is certainly different from NBC, K-Rock and now. But the essence of the show is still the same and STILL gives me HUGE belly laughs all morning long (before it and after, I do NPR).

    What else is there to listen to Z-100 or some other bad Stern imitator? Certainly not Imus, or the idiots on FAN.

  7. This woman is a huge new talent. Montclair has reason to be proud. You’ll see this gal go far. Great job, you deserve all your success. She beat some tough competitors. I could not happier for her.

  8. Great job, your material, and voice was Amazing! I tried to record the show, but I busted out laughing so many times, I ruined the recording!

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