DeCamp Service to Resume on Wednesday

Larry Hanley, international vice president of the Amalgamated Transit Union and chief negotiator for striking DeCamp bus drivers, has texted Baristanet to tell us that Assemblyman Thomas Giblin has brokered a deal that will have drivers going back to work.

DeCamp has just updated its website with the news:

DeCamp Bus Lines and the union representing the drivers, mechanics and cleaners have agreed to a cooling off period. DeCamp commuter service will resume on Wednesday September 15, 2010. DeCamp Bus Lines apologizes for the inconvenience this problem has caused commuters. We thank all our passengers for their understanding during this difficult time.

According to Hanley, Giblin negotiated an indefinite “cooling off period” and a “return to work.”

Meg Beattie Patrick contributed reporting to this story.

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  1. It looks like the new redesign has reverted back to something much like the old design. C’est la guerre.

    To the genius designer artistes: Don’t blame me, is all I ask.

  2. It’s a silly short lived reprieve.

    As soon as the cooling off period is over the sniping and bad mouthing will start all over again…….perhaps with another employee walk off.

    So don’t be so happy.

  3. I honestly think people should cut DeCamp a break. I’ve been riding the bus to and from the city for 4 years now and get to both destinations on time 95% of the time. And most of the times when there are delays, it’s because all commuter options are experiencing delays.

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