The Philosopher of Brookdale Park

There’s a philosopher loose around Brookdale Park, spreading words of wisdom… or perhaps just naivete. You decide.

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  1. I KNEW IT!!!! Tupac is ALIVE, y’all. He ain’t dead. If South Orange/Maplewood can have Lauren Hill, we can now claim Tupac!!

    The outline of the body reminds me of one his best lines:

    “I thought i had friends but in the end n****z dies lonely.”
    — Tupac Shakur

  2. Ok so if SOMA gets Lauren Hill, and Montclair gets Tupac then Bloomfield takes Jimi Hendrix in the next round of the draft.

    Glen Ridge, you’re up.

  3. or Miles, Coltrane, Monk or batting clean up….anyone from W. Eugene Smith’s loft tapes…..Can you dig it?…..I knew you could.

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