Have an Ironic Halloween ;-)

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Sure there are your princesses, football players and  superheroes, but this year there seems to be more of the year of the wink-wink High Concept Halloween. Coming to my door tonight was a kid dressed as Comedy Central, another kid dressed as Obama (accompanied by his father, Bill Clinton) and a Lady Gaga who looked to be about 8. Across the street a teenager who’d been to the Rally to Restore Sanity yesterday carved a pumpkin of Stephen Colbert, and not from a stencil. Our own correspondent Kristie Cattafi camed dressed as “Lois Lane” (“Modern day lois lane is a blogger..true story,” she posted on Facebook.)

Then there were the unintentional ironies, like the kid whose cellphone went off while waiting for his candy.  Continue Reading

Frost’s A Coming: Time to Pick That Malabar

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According to the National Weather Service (and Pat Kenschaft), Baristaville is likely to get its first frost overnight. That’s important news for our local backyard farmers. Here’s what our local queen of organic gardening said to her listserv yesterday.

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When Did Trick or Treaters Visit Your House Today?

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Trick or Treat!

We ran a poll last week asking what time you think kids should start trick or treating. The results had 4 pm as the winner. There were 14 votes for starting at noon and one of those families must have just visited Barista Annette’s house who just had her first trick or treater at 1:57 pm.

Tell us in comments when you went trick or treating today or when the first ghosts and goblins rang your bell.

Got Puck? MHS Alums Play for Lars Johansson Scholarship

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Reading the testimonials for Lars Johansson that have poured into my email box over the past few weeks has left me wishing I had known the former class of 1986 Montclair High School hockey star — or at least seen him play.

Friends, teammates and coaches all agree that the defenseman’s skills weren’t just about puck-protection, but also about the joy of the game, and indeed, of life itself.

Johansson died on November 15, 2007 from inoperable brain cancer, but his smile and perseverance seem to still be ever-present in the memories of his friends and family.
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Old Man Whipple's House

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Looking for a fright tonight? Go Trick or Treating at the Whipple House:

Come on by any time after dark if you dare and we’ll try to make it worth your while: 182 Alexander between Park and Valley, Montclair, NJ, 07043.

The owner, John Whipple, takes pleasure in making his home as scary as possible, so don’t take little kids here unless you want to be up all night with a screaming, crying child.

(Photo: Alison J. Bermack)

And Meanwhile, Down in Washington…

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Our nation’s capital was jammed with people demanding sanity yesterday and many of them came from our area, including co master-of-ceremonies Montclair Sunday school teacher Stephen Colbert, Montclair realtor Adriana O’Toole and Glen Ridge improv queen Deborah Maclean. And then there was Team Bloomfield, which included Anne Prince and Mimi Michalski, who sent pictures back to Baristanet. Michalski, speaking for the team, wrote this:

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Halloween: Share Your Costumed Kids

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Vampire and Cat!

Send them in today!

We want to see Baristaville’s costumed kids (and grown-ups too). Don’t forget to capture a picture of your Trick or Treater and send it to us for a fun slideshow we will put together.

Just email your photos (jpgs please!) to us here and check out Baristaville’s witches, ghosts, goblins, princesses and more in our Halloween slideshow next week.

Happy (Woof-Woof) Halloween

Sunday, Oct 31, 2010 9:11am

Take two national pastimes — owning dogs and celebrating Halloween — mix them up and you have something approaching the colorful scene that was Brookdale Park yesterday. The dogs put up with all fashion of capes, shirts, bandannas and bow ties. One came as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, complete with blue-checked dress and basket. “Best In Show” went to Biscuit Haven of Clifton, who came as a Barktender, complete with little drink umbrellas.

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Happy Halloween

Sunday, Oct 31, 2010 7:00am

Giveaway: Tickets to Tomie dePaola's "Strega Nona" at NJPAC

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Today’s the last day to enter our ticket giveaway to see Strega Nona at NJPAC. Enter here.

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