Car Hits Chinese Restaurant in Montclair

At  7:35 a.m. today, a beige Nissan Murano hit the Great China Restaurant at 150 Valley Road, in the Krauszer’s shopping strip.

Police are investgating the accident but said no one was hurt. There are shards of glass inside and out in front of the restaurant, and the frame of the exterior looks damaged. The building department will be checking for structural damage.

We’re guessing there won’t be Chinese food coming from that location today, although maybe they’ll still deliver.

This is the third car vs. Montclair restaurant incident this month. On October 4, a car knocked down a lamp post, which crashed into Cafe Eclectic. Last week, on 10/13, Satish Palace took a hit.

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  1. I hate to start this again, but…

    I suppose they were picking up Kung Pao.

    Or perhaps their Nissan wanted some Nissin?

  2. Probably best to request a table toward the back until this epidemic of bad driving subsides. Here’s a tip for the drivers: The pedal on the right is the GAS. The pedal on the left is the BRAKE. If you’re confused just extend the thumb and forefingers on both hands in front of your face. The one that forms an “L” is the left side. Another simple test is the ability to walk and chew gum simultaneously. If you can’t tell your right from left, gas from brake, or walk and chew gum at the same time, DON’T DRIVE.

  3. Ya know, even tho I live just around the corner from this place, I’ll still order from Hunan House under the A&P on Valley Road. It is the Chinese place by which all others are compared, as far as I’m concerned.

  4. The driver had heard there was a suspicious package of Fried Rice inside. Turned out it was just his new car keys.

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