Dai Kichi Dinner to Benefit Sacred Valley Project

Dai Kichi, 608 Valley Road, Montclair, will be hosting a dinner on Sunday, October 24th to benefit the Sacred Valley Project, a non-profit organization, founded by Montclair’s Alex Ball and Eli Scherer. The project provides access to education for indigenous girls from the highlands of Peru.

Sacred Valley currently supports a dormitory in the town of Ollantaytambo, Peru, where young women from marginalized, rural communities can live, attend high school and study, under the supervision of “house mother” Maura.

Through small scale fundraising and a total operating budget of under $8,000, Sacred Valley was able to accept six girls to live and study at the dormitory. Since February, the girls have benefited from a diverse group of volunteers who have joined the project in Peru to help the girls with their homework and teach afternoon supplementary classes in math, communications, English and art.

According to Alex Ball,

Since the dorm opened in February, the girls have shown great progress[.] Our successes and growing local support have encouraged us to expand our dormitory by accepting another six students. The local community has offered us an unbelievable contract on an old school building that will allow us to expand to accommodate up to 30 students and improve our services. With an investment of just $7,000 to renovate to the building, we will not owe rent on the new space for the first 5 years.

We have already begun to receive applications for next year and have prospective students in the communities of Marcuray, Rayan, Qhesqa and Pilkabamba. These communities are all more remote than any of those of the current students and suffer from even worse poverty.

Aki Kaneda, owner of Dai Kichi, travelled to Peru this past June and visited the Sacred Valley Project. While there he visited the dormitory, some of the students’ homes, (pictured left) and spent time with the students and their families. Aki was encouraged and inspired by the progress the girls were making, and the service the Project was providing.

Tickets to the dinner are $100. For more information about the event, or to RSVP please email info@sacredvalleyproject.org.

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